The Best rugs in the UK

Regardless of your furniture choice, and regardless of your room setting, a quality rug can very well define the entire space, decorate it accordingly, and fundamentally dictate the entire room atmosphere. Luxurious and elegant, the models below surmise the best rugs in the UK, providing you with a tested catalogue of attractive rugs to choose from.

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BEST 2018

Soft Super Thick Shaggy Rug

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Barcelona Twist Shaggy Thick Soft Pile Rug

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Milan Ochre Mustard Yellow Grey Beige Harlequin Rug

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Luxury Wine Soft Thick Shaggy Rug

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Silvery Grey Dominica Deep Pile Shaggy Rug

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Most likely the tallest rug you’ll find on the market. It measures 5.5. cm in height, with a generous and dense fabric. Very durable, it never loses its shape. You can choose between 18 color options and many sizes to fit any room you’ll decide to decorate.

18 color options to choose from, plus 10 size options available as well. A very elegant yet contemporary rug that will beautify any room you decide to decorate with it. Quality material and stitching; visually, the model looks like it has an infinite fabric spilling over the edges, making it much more luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing.

The most elegant model you’ll find in the whole of UK. A rectangular rug that is stylish like no other, with clear defined edges, geometrical patterns, and soothing colors. Dense and pleasant when you step on top, and very, very durable!

Different shapes to choose from. The only model with a circular shape; it retains shape even after years of use, thanks to its durable material and high quality stitching; dense and soft to step on, without clearly defined edges.

A reasonably affordable model that looks elegant and stylish. If you need a strong, durable and quality rug, look no further. It has reinforced stitching on the edges, preserving the shape no matter what. Very dense fabric, with hair of different thickness and size, intertwined to make it look much more luxurious than other models.


Many of the size options are frequently out of stock, so make sure to check regularly and order the moment you see them available for purchase.

Good luck finding an available size option that is in stock. My advice is to bookmark this page and check regularly.

Slightly pricier than other models, plus it comes in one color combination only.

The larger size options are not so affordable.

Only 3 sizes to choose from and only one color available


Very luxurious, dense, soft and affordable rug, that is durable, easy to clean, and completely non-shedding. If you manage to see your desired size in stock, don’t hesitate to order.

Dense, stylish and durable rug that will stay the same for years to come – if is relatively affordable yet still pricier than other models on the list. If you have the money to invest, definitely go for it.

It all comes to whether or not you have the money to invest – if you do, note that this is the most elegant, highest quality, and most durable model, that is designed perfectly with every detail in mind. The colors, patterns and overall design are all carefully planned so it provides a soothing effect evoking a number of positive emotions wherever you decide to place it.

Infinite fabric spillage over the edges, very stylish and contemporary, this is one of the thickest and densely stitched models on the market. Definitely recommended if you want to invest for the long term… Luxurious and elegant, it is a model like no other.

A quality shaggy rug with deep pile fabric, that is non-shedding, easy to clean, and very, very durable; a simple design solution for all those who need a reliable and elegant rug. Highly recommended!


100% polypropylene

100% polypropylene

100% polypropylene

100% polypropylene

100% polypropylene

Size and color options

18 different color options, plus 27 different size options

18 different colors (unicolor and multi-color)

One color combination in 4 different size options

18 different sizes and shapes, available in circle as well; Luxury wine and dark grey

Only 3 sizes and 1 color with different gradients of grey


5.5 cm, probably one of the highest rugs on the market

5 cm height

Definitely not the thickest of the pack

The thickest model of the selection

Super thick though not the thickest in the selection


Very dense fabric

Very dense fabric

Very, very dense fabric

Very, very dense

Very dense


Relatively affordable

Pricier but reasonably affordable

Pricier than most

Not exactly affordable

Reasonably affordable


Premium quality stitching

Premium quality stitching

The highest quality you’ll find within this price category

Premium quality stitching

Premium quality stitching

Soft Super Thick Shaggy Rug

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Barcelona Twist Shaggy Thick Soft Pile Rug

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Milan Ochre Mustard Yellow Grey Beige Harlequin Rug

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Luxury Wine Soft Thick Shaggy Rug

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Silvery Grey Dominica Deep Pile Shaggy Rug

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What to look for when choosing a rug?

Rugs come in a garden variety of materials and sizes. Using different textures, patterns and colors, they represent a broad palate of style arrangements. Several characteristics, however, can be evaluated regardless of the model.

We decided to review dozens of different rugs, narrowing down to a handful of them, and then analyzing each in depth. Needless to say, browsing through a catalogue of many, only the best rugs have been selected.

Most of the models listed below are rectangular rugs, though you can find the occasional square as well as circle. Area rugs, shaggy rugs, deep pile rugs, modern rugs for the living room… There is something in every price category, style, size and color.

The best rugs that are reasonably affordable, are usually made of 100% polypropylene, which ensures durability and easy stain removal. This material, along with strong and quality stitching, makes sure that the rug is non-shed, and often times anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-allergic.

To ensure additional strength and durability, many of the models below leverage some of the newest technology carpet weaving looms. The stitching, described in detail for each and every model, is strong while at the same time allowing for flexibility. Most of these models are easy to fold, roll, and transport, without losing their strength and structural integrity.

With thickness ranging from 3 cm to 5.5 cm, these rugs are luxurious looking, very elegant, and quite attractive. Some feature what I’d like to call an infinite rug, where the fabric generously spills over the edges creating a 3 dimensional feel that makes it look like the rug never ends.

Other, though, have their edges clearly defined, and additionally strengthened.

You must check for availability, but most of these models offer several different size options, as well as a number of color combinations. So let’s delve deeper into the fabric, shall we?

Soft Super Thick Shaggy Rug

Soft Super Thick Shaggy Rug

The soft super thick shaggy rug is one of the best rugs in the UK. With rich texture, and well above average thickness, this model will enrich any room, providing a much cozier and warm atmosphere. Made by 100% polypropylene, it will retain its thickness well over time, and is easy to clean once every season.

The thickness measures 5.5 cm, making this model an elegant version of the deep pile rug – sufficiently high, yet “trimmed” and clean-cut.

The soft super thick shaggy rug offers 18 different color models, most of which are unicolor. Only four varieties are manufactured with a different color pattern, featuring a white ornamentation over a single color background. Included are red rugs, blue rugs, beige rugs, black rugs, silver rugs, orange rugs, green rugs, show white, purple and many more.

The measurements are as diverse as the color palate. Not all of them are available at any time, but once in stock they span from 330 cm in length and 240 cm in width. A square meter will weight 2.6 Kg.

The material and stitching ensure that the rug is completely non-shedding, and that it is easy to clean and maintain. If you spill something, a quick and easy wipe will remove the stain, granted that you act right away.

The model is designed with the newest technology carpet weaving looms, and great care during the handling process. Regardless of the measurements, each variety offers the same quality benchmarks, and consistency in stitching. Regardless of your choice, you will be getting a very durable model that is likely to stay the same even after a decade in use.

The height might suffer after a couple of years, but if you vacuum regularly, the rug will retain much of it original shape. The company is offering completely free returns on any model, which to me speaks volumes about the quality of their products.

If you love the style of this model, consider buying one of the unicolor varieties, since it better represents the design of this rug as opposed to the bi-color patterns.

Elegant, durable, non-shedding and easy to clean, this is one of the best rugs currently available on the market. It is high and soft, which means that your foot will comfortably sink into it – a luxurious and very pleasurable feeling people usually look for when choosing a rug. Neediness to say, if you need to retain a warm temperature, and isolate your space from the cold floor, this model has much to offer.

Aesthetically speaking, its thickness is very attractive, and its trimmed look very elegant. It is the perfect model for those of you who want a contemporary rug that is stylish and elegant at the same time.

The price is very affordable, even for the larger size varieties, and the options to choose from are numerous indeed. Definitely recommended! It is perhaps one of the best models available on the market.

Soft Super Thick Shaggy Rug

Barcelona Twist Shaggy Rug

Barcelona Twist Shaggy Rug

Though half a centimeter shorter than the first model, the Barcelona twist shaggy thick soft pile rug is very attractive nonetheless. From the new California range of anti-shed rugs, it features a dense pile that looks rich and luxurious.

The material is 100% polypropylene, which is easy to clean and maintain. The stitching, however, is what ensures durability and prevents shedding. With the twisted hair fabric, the Barcelona pile rug will retain much of its thickness, even after years of use. Additionally, the length of the rug is stitched and the width is folded and then glued for durability.

The material (not only the grass fabric, but all of the textile components included) is fungal and bacterial resistant, as well as anti-allergic. For those of you with respiratory problems, or small kids, this is rather important. If you keep a pet in your house, note that the rug is also moth resistant.

The surface is water repellent, making the fabric very easy to clean in the case of a spillage. If you act fast, and wipe with a towel, no stains are going to appear.

Many sizes are available, but you should check which are currently in stock. The largest measures 200 cm in width and 290 cm in length. All in all, 18 color varieties are available, ranging from different unicolor options, to a small number of multicolor ones. The design pattern is the same when it comes to the multicolor varieties, but the palate can definitely satisfy a number of different interior design requirements.

Durable and strong, the Barcelona pile rug is surprisingly light. It twists easily, in a way “gluing” to the floor, and is very easy to roll and transport.

The feel of the rich texture, once you place your foot on top, is very satisfying. It provides depth and softness, making this model truly luxurious. If you vacuum regularly, expect the height to remain the same for years to come. Unlike other models where it is easily compromised after months of being in use, the Barcelona pile rug is noticeably better.

In terms of design, it is somewhat similar to the previous model. A huge difference, however, is the rich edge that is much less highlighted. This is what I like to call the “infinity rug” – a model that is rich in texture, with thick grass like fabric that continues well beyond the edge, while still retaining the shape. It creates a sense of infinity, where no clear-cut is visible. If you are after a warm and cozy atmosphere, no better option is available on the market.

As for price, you will note that the smaller models are surprisingly affordable, while the larger, though being pricier, still offer a reasonable deal. All in all, it is an affordable rug that looks quite luxurious and expensive. Durable, easy to clean, and very rich in depth and texture, this is perhaps one of the best models if you are looking for a pile rug. Quality wise, it’s one of the best models that we’ve ever reviewed.

Barcelona Twist Shaggy Rug

Milan Ochre Harlequin Rug

Milan Ochre Harlequin Rug

A very different model from the ones reviewed above, the Milan ochre mustard yellow grey beige Harlequin rug is a true sight to behold. Soothing and calm design, it features clean-cut geometrical shapes that repeat in a single pattern. With ochre yellow, mustard yellow, grey and natural off white cream, it is one of the most stylish rug models you’ll find in the UK.

The soothing and stylish consistency blends the color choice with clear-cur edges, in a very linear design solution. With great attention to detail, its product design evokes positive emotions thanks to color, pattern, denseness, and orderly feel.

Made of 100% polypropylene, and with hessian jute backing, the Milan harlequin rug is stain resistant, extremely durable, and non-shedding.

Compared to any other model, it will provide much better temperature isolation, and a more tactile experience when stepping on it. Though not deep as the pile rug, it is still satisfyingly soft, and very pleasant on the touch.

If you are after a contemporary yet elegant design solution, this is probably one of the most stylish and luxurious rugs on the market. The model will blend perfectly into retro and Scandinavian design patterns and combines well with natural colors of any tone. Much more elegant than any other competing model, it is indeed a sight to behold.

The linear edges, with reinforced stitching, put the highlight on the rug, making it visually taller than it actually is. The pattern, with this in mind, becomes even more prominent.

Only one color variety is available, which says a lot about the intent behind this design pattern. Every inch is carefully planned, every color effect measured and predicted – nothing is there without careful consideration and each element, whether that is color, geometry, stitching, etc. serves a distinct purpose.

Looking at the Milan Harlequin rug evokes a garden variety of emotions, all of which soothing and pleasing. It is, without any doubt whatsoever, a decorative element which commands attention.

As far as measurements go, the model offers 4 different size varieties. One is measuring 80 cm x 150 cm, the other 160 cm x 230 cm, and the larger options offer 190 cm x 280 cm, and 240 cm x 330 cm for a truly impressive mosaic of art.

A smaller size option, if you are trying to decorate a small office, or living area, is much recommended. The Milan Harlequin rug is a work of art, and it is important to be able to see every corner, without furniture blocking much of the surface.

The larger option, if you have a spacious living area, is a magnificent sight to behold, with colors continually repeating into this satisfying geometrical pattern.

To wrap up this review, this is perhaps the single most elegant model on the UK market. With a soothing color arrangement, recognizable geometrical pattern, and premium quality stitching, it is definitely an investment worth considering. The smaller size options are surprisingly affordable, but even the largest, which is a bit pricier than other models, is still competitive when it comes to price. Quality, durability and elegance considered, this is the most impressive model bar none!

Milan Ochre Harlequin Rug

Luxury Wine Shaggy Rug

Luxury Wine Shaggy Rug

If you are looking for shaggy rugs, this is perhaps the one with most depth and richness within its price category. Made of 100% polypropylene it is a completely non-shedding, easy wipe clean and high density model.

The height measurement is 5 cm, though it looks and feels much taller. The edges are relatively well defined, though the twisted shaggy pile is covering them making this model fairly similar to what I’d like to call the “infinity rug”.

Nine product sizes are available, and the price is surprisingly affordable even for the largest of the pack. From 60 cm x 110 cm for the smallest option, to 280 cm x 370 cm for the largest, quality of material and stitching remain the same.

The significant difference between this model and the rest is that you can get it in a different shape as well. Namely, this luxury wine soft thick shaggy rug is available circular varieties of different size as well.

If you need refreshment, or want to satisfy different design requirements where rectangular rugs cannot fit, this makes all the difference.

The quality is superb, and the fabric won’t be compromised after years of use. If you make the habit of vacuuming the rug on regular basis, expect for it to retain its dense and attractive appearance. Depending on the color and size varieties, you can get a contemporary looking rug that fits well even into Scandinavian design solutions or one that looks more cozy and warm.

Thanks to its material, the rug can be cleaned easily, regardless of the type of spillage. It is somewhat water repellent, at least on the surface, thanks to the fabric, and is therefore easy to clean with a soft towel.

As for aesthetics, this model looks very dense and tall, and will certainly provide a luxurious ambient regardless where you decide to place it. With more than 600 reviews on Amazon, it is one of the best shaggy rugs in the UK. Before making the selection, we also collected customer feedback from our store, and went over dozens of verified reviews on Amazon. It seems as though all of them agree with our verdict, which is that this is one of the most affordable yet luxurious looking rugs out there.

It comes really well packaged, and thanks to its quality stitching is really easy to roll and transport, without compromising its integrity. People comment on its durability, which is something that we noticed while testing it as well.

As far as temperature isolation goes, it cannot compete with the Milan Harlequin rug. It does, however, provide a much more satisfying sensation when stepping on top, as compared to most of the other models. You will feel softness and depth, which is there to remain for years to come.

If you are after modern rugs for living room, or want to experiment with either the rectangular or circle variety, this model offers everything you need. It is durable, strong, easy to clean and quite luxurious when compared to most of the other models on the market. The price, truth be told, is hard to beat even by the most affordable models.

Luxury Wine Shaggy Rug

Dominica Deep Pile Shaggy Rug

Dominica Deep Pile Shaggy Rug

The most affordable model from the shaggy rugs category the Silvery grey Dominica deep pile shaggy rug is a deal worth considering. It is light and flexible, “gluing” to the floor, with a generously thick pile that goes 4 cm in height.

The base color is a silver grey gradient that has added shades and flecks, giving the rug a 3 dimensional richness. The texture is generous and dense, making this one of the softest models available on the market.

Made of 100% polypropylene, and with premium quality stitching, the Grey Dominica is very strong and durable. Thanks to an innovative stitching technology, the rug folds and rolls easily, without any risk to its durability or structural integrity – being thus, easy for transport. The material makes this rug easy to clean and maintain, and regular vacuuming will take care of its durability.

The 4 cm pile height looks very attractive and stylish, though it is slightly less tall than two of its main competitors within this same category. The difference, however, is marginal and no-issue when you consider the quality and price.

The hair fabric come in different thickness, which adds a level of depth and texture to the Silver grey Dominica. This feature makes it look even more dense and luxurious, and certainly much softer once you step on top.

Considering this generous and attractive pile diversity, the Dominica is more prone to paving. Regular vacuuming, however, will make sure that the hair fabric remains brushed and attractive.

No color options are available with this model, but it is nonetheless a stunning item to consider. It comes in three different size varieties, so you can chose between 80 cm x 150 cm for the smallest, 120 cm x 170 cm for the medium, and 160 cm x 230 cm for the largest option. Comparing the price to other models from the list, it is, by far, the most affordable from the pack, and without compromising on quality, stitching, or any other feature we found when reviewing the others.

The edges are slightly visible, but otherwise covered with the dense hair fabric. If you observe the stitching on the very edge, it is of high quality, very strong, and hence durable. Providing the frame, the stitching on the edges will make sure that the rug returns in place no matter how much folding and rolling you try over the course of several years.

My kids like to play with the edges of the rug back at home, and it frustrated me when after a while the very edges would become curved. That’s a sign of poor quality stitching. Not here, though – you can literally bend and fold the edges, and they will return in place right away.

To wrap up this review, the Silver grey Dominica deep pile shaggy rug is one of the coziest, most elegant, and affordable models you’ll find in the UK. It features very high quality stitching on the edges, and premium quality generous pile height that is easy to clean and maintain in good shape. A real bargain!

Dominica Deep Pile Shaggy Rug

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