Best Electric Blankets with a Variety of Features in the UK

Do you enjoy micro-managing the temperature around you? Do you like instant warm on the push of a button? Well, there is no need for new thermostats or complicated heating installations – all you need is an electric blanket. Designed to be convenient, portable, and most of all comfortable, the electric blanket is an instant solution to being cold. They come in a variety of sizes, and offer several features depending on the price.

What follows is comparison guide, going over the best electric blankets on the market, with regards to price ranges and features. You can read the short version, summarized in the table below, or open each electric blanket review separately, for a more comprehensive description. We will also enjoy the liberty of recommending one or two models, if they happen to stand out from the rest of the selection.

BEST 2018

Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket

Homefront Electric Blanket Dual Control

Homefront Electric Heated Throw

Dreamcatcher Double Electric Blanket

Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony Electric Overblanket


Overheat protection and fairly durable polyester fabric even within this price range is quite uncommon. Additionally, there is a detachable and user friendly controller, plus the option to remove the wire altogether for machine washing. The price is super affordable!

Very soft blanket, with high quality fabric, and a surprising number of control settings. It offers 9 levels of heat, and 10 timer options. Additionally, you get individual body and feet heating areas, perfect for people with circulation problems. Relatively affordable considering the number of features.

Premium quality design and ultra-soft fabric in elegant chocolate brown. This electric overblanket features 9 heat and 9 timer settings, controlled with a user friendly detachable remote. Comfortable size, light, and backed up by a CC certification and RoHS compliance.

A super affordable electric blanket, with decent size and quality. It features two controllers, 3 heat settings and a quality fitted matters cover. It is machine washable, has an auto-safety feature, and a 2 years guarantee.

Very low energy consumption for what is a high-end electric blanket. Featuring 6 temperature settings, auto-safety protection, elegantly designed controller, and very soft fabric, that is machine washable at 40 degrees, as well as tumble dry safe.


No elastic skirt which means that the blanket won’t hold in place if you are a person who moves quite a lot during the night. If that’s a problem, then this is probably not the right electric under blanket for you.

The controller, sophisticated as it is, won’t remember your last program, so there is space for an improvement there. Otherwise, no other cons we can think off. The material is not premium quality, but still definitely better than most of the models.

No elastic skirt to keep it in place. However, considering this is an overblanket, and supposing you’ll be using it as such, it’s not a con at all. It consumes slightly more energy, and is a bit pricey – though this is justified considering the premium quality design, and performance.

. Only 3 heat settings available, which doesn’t provide enough variety in temperature levels. Takes longer to heat up than some of the other models, but overall it is still reasonably fast.

No elasticated skirt, but considering this is an overblanket you won’t need one anyway. Other than that, none whatsoever.


If you are shopping on a budget, this is one of the best options you’ll find. The most affordable pick, bar none! Quality wise, it can stand right next to some of the pricier models, and it is very convenient and user friendly.

The most sophisticated technology in what is a relatively affordable model. For couples, this might be the best underblanket on the market. So many features!

High end premium quality model. The best overblanket there is! Bit pricier than what you might expect while looking at the other models, but well worth it.

The most affordable reasonably sized double blanket. Not that many options, but it has everything you need, and everything you might be looking for when purchasing a double blanket within, and even above this price range.

The fastest heat up option, combined with premium design and a variety of features, makes this electric blanket a serious contender within the premium category. The best energy efficiency bar none!

Name of model

Body Source Double Electric Blanket

Homefront Electric Blanket Dual Control

Homefront Electric Heated Throw

Dreamcatcher Double Electric Blanket

Dreamland Intelliheat Fast  Harmony Electric Overblanket

Number of Heat settings

3 heat settings

9 heat settings

9 heat settings

3 heat settings

6 heat settings

Timer settings

No timer settings

10 timer settings

9 timer settings

No timer settings

1 hour & 9 hours timer settings


Quality polyester (machine washable)

Premium quality, with elastic skirt (machine washable)

High-end premium fabric in chocolate brown (machine washable)

Luxury polyester, with an elasticated skirt (machine washable)

100% polyester, soft finished with a satin trim (machine washable)

Heat up time

Around 15 minutes

Handful of minutes depending on room temperature

Full heat after 15 minutes

Around 15 minutes

Ultra-fast 5 minute heat up time


120 x 135 cm

152 x 203 cm

160 x 120 cm

193 x 137 cm

180 x 180 cm


1 Year

6 Months

1 Year

2 Years

1 Year

Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket

Homefront Electric Blanket Dual Control

Homefront Electric Heated Throw

Dreamcatcher Double Electric Blanket

Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony Electric Overblanket

What is an electric blanket?

Invented in the early 1900’s the electric blanket was primarily a medical device. The problem which gave birth to the invention of the electric blanket, believe it or not, was tuberculosis. As patients were prescribed lots of fresh air, they had to sleep under the open. This, in turn, created another problem – keeping them warm was next to impossible. The electric blanket, therefore, offered a solution.

Naturally, as any other medical invention, the electric blanket found a way to the consumer market. It took decades before thermostats were introduced, after which point several other features followed.

The electric blankets of today offer more convenience than previous generations could have imagined. The thermostat is optional, and when switched on it can detect body temperature and room temperature as well. Additionally, the soft fabric of the blanket is super comfortable against the body, easy to remove and wash in a machine.

Some of the models reviewed below include control boards, LCD display indicators, separate heating zones, automatic safety, and much more. The market, it seems, shares our sentiment for micro-managing temperature. Another feature which left me fascinated when I reviewed the models was the use of a timer. It makes sense, when you think about it – optimizing for maximum comfort, and still keeping the customer’s finger on the switch is an exercise in frustration. A timer, therefore, can solve the puzzle, providing a care free relaxation under the warm and cozy fabric.

The price, often, can range wildly according to size as well as specifications. King size blankets are available, but more often than not manufacturers would offer convenient measurements – smaller, portable, and energy efficient.

While a number of suppliers and retailers offer electric blankets, the biggest collection is to be found on Amazon. With verified customer reviews, ratings and description, Amazon can very well be the best place to shop for electric blankets, bar none. They offer free shipping in the UK, and a host of other customer privileges if you are a Prime member.

As for the price, you can very well find a sizeable discount, slashing prices down to more than half. However, discount or not, the models we decided to review are affordable nonetheless.

It doesn’t take much to get used to an electric blanket, and when you do it is hard to imagine life without it. Instead of piling up one blanket after another, and removing layers during the night, an electric blanket can provide the optimal temperature. You can rely on the separate heating zones, the timer, and of course the auto safety switch, enjoying a sound sleep.

Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket

Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket

One of the most affordable models on the market, yet surprisingly refined, this premium comfort double electric blanket from Body Source had to find its way on our list. It offers detachable remote control, with 3 heat settings, and the fabric is quality polyester that is durable and easy to wash.

The blanket comes with integrated corner ties for secure fitting, and features the overheat protection which is an automatic safety switch in case the temperature gets close to causing discomfort.

Unlike other blankets that advertise several different heat settings, but realistically offer a single level of warm, this Body Source Premium comfort double electric blanket features three distinct temperature options. The first level is but a mere defense against cold, whereas the second is pleasantly warm. The highest setting offers even more heat, which is great for warming up before dozing off.

The time you’ll need to get from one level of heat to the other is negligible. This means that you can quickly transition between heat settings without having to wait minutes on end for the blanket temperature to respond accordingly. If you are like most people who want to quickly drown in sleep, this is a life saver.

If you warm your house with firewood, some nights can get pretty cold right between 4 and 5 AM. In such circumstances, keeping a reliable and constant level of temperature is impossible to imagine. This blanket can be plugged in for hours on end, and definitely throughout the night, without having to fear it will cause a problem.

The energy consumption is very low, and the auto safety feature will save you a lot of headaches. All in all, it is excellent for keeping the temperature at a desirable level. This goes for all three sizes (Single, Double and King).

To reiterate the features and specifications, this model has 3 heat settings, durable and comfortable surface made out of quality polyester, plus a detachable remote control along with the power cord. In addition – and this is unexpected given the price – it features integrated corner ties for secure fitting, plus an auto-safety overheat protection.

It is machine washable, so you will be able to keep it clean for years on end, and the reasonably low energy consumption is a huge plus.

With almost 900 reviews on Amazon UK alone, from verified customers, this blanket is one of the most popular products across the board. We took some time to analyze the other reviews as well, and most of them are super positive, reflecting on the same pros we describe in our review above. People enjoy the length of the cord, the quality of the remote controller, and of course the reliable level of heat.

This Body Source premium comfort double electric blanket is an excellent buy if you want to enjoy reliable and comfortable level of heat. It is safe and easy to use, features 3 heat settings, and the fabric is soft, durable, and super comfortable. All in all, this is one of the best models from our selection, especially when you consider the ultra-affordable price. Highly recommended!

Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket

Homefront Electric Blanket Dual Control

Homefront Electric Blanket Dual Control

Arguably one of the most sophisticated electric blankets on the market, and leader in its class, the Homefront electric blanket king size dual control is a product where luxury meets convenience. Stylish and soft, this blanket stands out from dozens of competitors when it comes to elegance and comfort.

Packed with features, it offers separate heat control for the body and feet areas, and precise temperature micro-management with 9 heat settings.

The Homefront electric blanket king size dual control, offers, by and large, the most precise temperature management system in its category. We tried testing the difference between all of the levels, and the increase in heat is gradual as expected. With nine settings, you can enjoy a range from insignificant warmth, to some serious heat.

Considering the range and power this electric blanket has to offer, a safety system is also expected. This one is CE certified and ROHS compliant to the highest UK standards by a fairly recognized testing house, and has an advanced overheat protection system with automatic safety shut-off, should the temperature exceed a certain degree of heat. That being said, you can doze off without having to worry.

Apart from offering a wide range of heat settings, it is one of the few blankets that have a separate heating zone for the feet. It is, therefore, highly recommended for people who suffer from arthritis, as well as circulation problems.

The fabric of this electric blanket is soft and cozy, and it can be washed in the machine at 30 degrees. Durable, elegant and light, it is the closest to premium-grade quality blankets as you can expect.

Two controls are included, with thin and non-obtrusive wires, and both are removable. They feature an LCD screen, with dark blue light, which dims off after the device detects inactivity, and goes into stand-by.

The size is super convenient, as is the fully fitted, deep and elasticated skirt, which makes this blanket a perfect match for any mattress regardless of height.

To reiterate the features and specifications, it includes 9 heat settings, plus 10 timer settings. You’ll get detachable dual control, along with an LCD display which includes the stand-by mode (dims off after minutes of being inactive). The most desirable feature, I suppose, is the option to control two separate heating areas, one for the body and another one for the feet.

This model is machine washable, has deep and elastic skirt which fits all mattress types, and comes with a zip bag for easy storage. The size is luxurious king size at 152 x 203 cm.

On the safety side, you have the advanced overheat protection built in, as well as automatic shut off.

With over 1100 Amazon reviews from verified customers, this electric blanket is surprisingly popular given the price. While not affordable per say, demand alone speaks volumes of its quality. Extremely popular among couples, it can satisfy a garden variety of needs, catering to both sides of the bed, and then allowing for an additional separation between body and feet.

If you enjoy temperature management as a couple, this goes as far as any electric blanket ever will. Rich with features, and user friendly, it is perfect for older people as well, and especially those who suffer from arthritis or have problems with circulation.

Homefront Electric Blanket Dual Control

Homefront Electric Heated Throw

Homefront Electric Heated Throw

Our favorite pick out of the group, this Homefront Electric heated overblanket in chocolate is where luxury design meets convenience. With a generously soft fabric, and plush chocolate finish, it is the perfect snuggle up blanket. The measurements are 160 x 120 cm, which allows for two adults to enjoy the full comfort this overblanket has to offer.

Featuring 9 heat settings, this model leaves others far behind. The temperature increase is gradual, and the change from one level to the next surprisingly responsive considering the thick and comfortable fabric.  It has an ultra-fast heat up option, which takes somewhat less than 15 minutes, providing a comfortable heat. If you are in for a quick nap, this overblanket won’t stand in your way. While other models take up to 15 minutes to generate a noticeable heat – which is in fact an exercise in frustration – the Homefront will not leave you hanging.

The design itself is what separates this Homefront model from other electric over blankets on the market. It looks elegant yet cozy, soft and luxurious. The fabric, completely matching the visual description, is soft and comfortable on the touch. Unlike other models where you can somewhat feel the wiring, here there is no trace of them whatsoever.

The controlers are completely detachable, making this blanket machine friendly as well. The material is strong enough to endure washing at 40 degrees, which means that you can continually maintain it throughout the years. We tried putting it in the washer, and everything worked well after an overnight dry. The material is of very high quality, and the smell of the detergent and softener are highlighted when you plug it in for the first time after the wash.

The timer settings allow up to 9 different preferences, which is far more than what is even necessary. Anything else being said, this is a very versatile blanket, suitable for a sound nap, as well as a good night’s sleep.

Another thing I appreciate is the fact that all Homefront heated blankets are CE certified and RoHS compliant to the highest UK standards. Having this in mind, the auto-safety system seems far more valuable and much more trustworthy. The overheat protection, once it detects a sudden rise in temperature, will cut the power supply to the blanket, keeping you out of potential harm.

To reiterate and surmise all of the features and pros, let’s just say that this is one of the most luxurious, soft and comfortable blankets on the market. It doesn’t have an elasticated skirt, which means that you won’t like using it as an underblanket, but if need a reliable heated throw, there is hardly any better. The chocolate brown color looks soothing and elegant, and the fabric is of better quality than any other blanket we managed to review.

You get 9 heat settings and 9 timer settings, controlled by a detachable LED remote, and the temperature differences happen gradually and quite precisely. It is not the best energy saver out of the pack, but considering the luxury material, virtually undetectable wiring and abundance of control options, it doesn’t have to be. The price is not affordable per say, but should you consider investing it, you’ll have what is perhaps the best electric overbalnket on the market. Highly recommended!

Homefront Electric Heated Throw

Dreamcatcher Double Electric Blanket

Dreamcatcher Double Electric Blanket

If you are after a double size electric blanket, and want to shop on the affordable end, this Dreamcatcher model is arguably one of the best electric blankets available on the market. With a fitted mattress cover, dual heating technology and generous size, it is hardly matched in comparison.

The model features dual LED controllers, allowing temperature adjustment for both sides of the bed. Only 3 heat settings are available through, which is understandable given the affordable price.

The Dreamcatcher double electric blanket in luxury polyester also features an advanced overheat protection, which provides auto shut off and therefore peace of mind. Again – an unexpected feature given the price. As far as temperature adjustments go, you get 3 heat settings with a fairly reasonable – may I say fast – heat up time. While you have a mild boost at number one, two is fairly comfortable even in the coldest of nights. I didn’t enjoy the highest temperature setting, but if you are having difficulties falling asleep perhaps start with a number 3, and once it heats up, go a notch lower.

This model can be machine washed, at 40 degrees (as opposed to 30 for many of the other models), which means that more stains get to be removed if necessary. All you have to do is have those detachable controllers removed, and it’s ready to be put into the washer.

The thin wires are almost non-detectable, since the fabric is quality polyester which I believe to be as durable as that of far more pricier models. In addition, it features an elasticated skirt which keeps the blanket firmly in place, regardless of your mattress type and height.

Upgrades are available, if you so prefer, and they include higher quality fabric, more heat settings, and additional months under guarantee. The first option, even at such an affordable price, still includes 2 years guarantee.

Market wise, online reviews and Amazon verified customer reviews place this model among the best purchase decisions. Some complaints are written about its heat up time, but when we tested it the blanket felt mildly warm at around 7 minutes, and comfortably warm at around 17. After half an hour, it almost reached maximum heat. Much of this depends on room temperature, and the current temperature of the blanket, but I’d expect similar numbers if you have a normal and reliable power supply.

To reiterate the features and specifications, you get a quality polyester blanket, in comfortable double size dimensions (190 x 135 cm), and two separate heating areas, one for each side of the bed. This makes it ideal for partners and married couples. In addition, the model features advanced overheat protection and instant shut off, as well as two detachable LED controllers with 3 heat settings.

The price is super affordable, given all of the features and the generous 2 year guarantee. Two upgrades are available, each offering a wide variety of additional features, and they too come at an affordable price. If you are looking for a quality, durable and reliable electric blanket, backed by extended warranty, there is no better option within this price range.

Dreamcatcher Double Electric Blanket

Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony Electric Overblanket

Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony Electric Overblanket

Obvious from the very look of it, this Dreamland Intelliheat model falls into the luxurious category of electric blankets. It is made with soft woven fabric, and finished with a beautiful satin trim. It includes a variety of features, so let’s have a look and discuss them one by one.

The LED digital controller is the first thing that caught my eye. Unlike other more affordable models, this one obviously raises the bar. And when they pay much attention to detail, as evident from the design of the controller, my expectations usually soar. Suffice to say, I wasn’t disappointed after the first test, despite high expectations.

Being an overblanket, it doesn’t include an elasticated skirt to keep it firmly in place should you decide to use it as an under blanket. But that’s completely reasonable, since it will prevent comfort when using it as intended. The fabric is super soft on the touch, and wires are virtually undetectable.

Six heat settings are available, with the intelliheat allowing super-fast heat up time. Plug it in, use the LED controller, and you have noticeable heat in less than 5 minutes. The fist setting measures an average temperature of around 21 degrees Celsius, and it is enough to provide a mild warm during the vast majority of autumn months. The second setting sets the temperature at 25 degrees, and it is still very comfortable even for people who don’t enjoy sleeping with layers of blankets on top. The third setting provides a noticeable warm, and I see it being used during winter months. The other two settings measure 32 and 36 degrees respectively, and they can be used for either total body relaxation, or extremely cold weather.

The sixth setting, which is more of an instant warmth option, can be used to heat up the blanket in minutes, getting you ready for bed without having to wait or plan upfront.

An auto-safety option is built in as well, preventing the blanket from overheating. Should a significant rise in temperature occur, the blanket uses its safety mechanism to stop the power supply, and therefore shut off. In addition to this, two timer options are provided – 1 hour for preheat and nine hours for all night use. As far as energy consumption goes, this Dreamland Intelliheat fast heat supper soft harmony electric overblanket measures better than any other model in comparison. According to a Eurostat report on electric consumption average, it provides comfortable heat for as little as 1p per night, per each side. We tested it, and it showed the lowest measurements on the wall, which to a degree confirms this claim.

Machine washable at 40 degrees, and tumble dry safe, it seems as though this model was designed to last for years on end. The price, given its premium features, is reasonably affordable, and online reviews on Amazon and across the net describe this model as one of the best picks within its price category. If you are after a luxurious, reliable and energy efficient overblanket, look no further!

Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony Electric Overblanket

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