Best Dressing Tables

Looking for a dressing table can be a rather hard process. You have to consider the overall style of your bedroom interior design, find a matching piece of furniture that complements your color, bed or existing furniture items.

Therefore we compiled a list of the best dressing tables you can find on Amazon, reviewed down to detail, and carefully selected out of dozens of others. Each set looks stylish, chic, and elegant. They all command attention with beautiful finish and impeccable décor varieties.

All differ in terms of size, style and price range, so we can say with certainty that there is something for everybody. Small dressing table, modern dressing table, mirrored dressing table… everything is included.

Reviewing the lot, we noticed subtle differences that really determine whether or not they are a good fit for your bedroom. This includes space efficiency, quality of materials used, ease of assembly and much more. Drawers and storage space is different for each item from the list, and attention to detail varies as well.

Note however, that this is still a list of the best dressing tables in UK, compiled out of dozens of others when compared on Amazon. High number of positive reviews, affordable price, fast delivery and excellent customer care were the bare minimum of entering this list.

Vintage dressing tables, vanity tables, modern dressing sets with complementing or contrasting dressing stools, and dozens of mirror varieties is what the following list includes.

Regardless of your stylistic preference, or space limitations, we are certain that you can find a suitable set. All 14 items are affordable, and give the best value for your buck.

Let us now present you the list of best dressing tables, reviewed down to detail.

The Capri Laura James shabby chic white dressing table is a small yet sophisticated piece of furniture that will perfectly decorate a vintage and chic bedroom. It comes with 5 drawers, extra space, and surprisingly comfortable dressing table stool for what is probably the most affordable price.

Attention to detail even within this price range

The white finish is premium quality, and the woodwork pays attention to detail adding extra décor to every inch. The Capri Laura James shabby chic white dressing table, though not particularly sturdy, actually looks very much so. It is surprisingly stable and balanced given the size.

The drawer knobs look premium quality too, adding extra detail and increasing its perceived value.

Sophisticated design

This Capri Laura James shabby chic white dressing table blends perfectly with any design situation, giving your bedroom a more stylish highlight. It pairs beautifully with vintage and retro furniture as well.

The curvatures of the table legs, and the padding of the dressing table stool, make this set a real piece of art considering how affordable the price is.


  • Attention to detail
  • Perfect and smooth white finish
  • Sophisticated design
  • 5 drawers with 3 extra deep drawers
  • Dimensions: (H)150cm, (W)80cm, (D)40cm
  • Very easy to assemble

Customer reviews and scores

With over 260 reviews on Amazon, majority of which with a 5-stars score, this Capri Laura James shabby chic white dressing table is a real bargain.

It’s affordable, sophisticated, and functional as well. The timeless design can fit into a younger girl’s bedroom, but is also suitable for a young woman as well.

“I'm 24 but I would say it'd be suitable for a young girls’ bedroom too, but I think adult women can get away with it!” says one customer in her review.


This Capri Laura James shabby chic white dressing table is one of the most popular yet affordable pieces of furniture on Amazon. It is very stylish, blends perfectly regardless of the design situation, and offers extra storage space.

The timeless design can fit into any girl’s bedroom, and the premium smooth white finish and beautiful décor will highlight this dressing table set even more.

If you are looking for a makeup table that is noticeable, yet still affordable, look no further. Easy to assemble and durable, this one will decorate your bedroom for ages.

The Songmics chic white dressing table is the cheapest dressing set of these review series. It is on par, however, with some of the more expensive premium furniture items that you can buy in designer studios for triple the price.

The large and functional drawer, as well as the splendid design and folding 3-piece mirror place this dressing table set among the most popular furniture items on Amazon.

It is easy to assemble and fits perfectly into any bedroom regardless of design style and size.

Ultra convenient

With its beautiful shape the Songmics chic white dressing table can fit into any bedroom regardless of your style preference. It comes with a matching dressing stool with premium quality padding, for comfortable use.

The extra-large drawer is much more convenient than smaller ones, for it adds more storage space.

The folding mirrors can be closed from the rear if you want to open the sides, or closed from the front if you want to hide the mirror altogether. This is ideal for those who find mirrors in bedrooms to be somewhat unpleasant.

The mirror frame is minimal so it doesn’t really distract.

Opens and brightens the room

Though smaller in size, the Songmics chic white dressing table visually opens the room given its bigger mirror and smooth white finish. The mirror is positioned right above the desk, so the white tabletop is reflected, visually brightening and opening the room even more.

The beautiful design and matching stool make this dressing set to appear larger than it actually is. The mirror helps in this as well.


  • Unique three-mirror design
  • Larger mirror than most dressing sets in this category
  • Perfect white finish
  • Premium quality
  • Extra-large center drawer
  • Matching dressing stool
  • Ultra cheap

Customer reviews and scores

Over 120 reviews on Amazon say positive things about the Songmics chic white dressing table.

Customers value the convenience and elegant design.

“All feels really sturdy and looks great too.” Says one customer, continuing with “The mirror has two parts on either side of the center mirror; you can angle them and be able to see the back of your hair, something that I really like.”

“Actually far better than a fixed mirror”


The Songmics chic white dressing table is probably the most affordable dressing set, which comes with extra storage, elegant design, comfortable stool padding, and multi-functional mirror.

It will definitely open and brighten up your bedroom.

The Vienna white dressing table stool & mirror set 5 drawers bedroom dresser is the most premium and luxury looking piece of furniture when compared within and across its price rage.

It comes with much attention to detail, and excellent craftsmanship. The drawer knobs are very unique and quite stylish, and the price is below affordable.

Tremendous attention to detail

The delicate curvatures of each leg and the impeccable design of the table add value to this unique and stylish furniture item. The padding of the dressing stool looks premium quality and the texture and color palate add a more luxurious touch.

The 4 drawer knobs supplement this by using unique décor with much attention to detail. It definitely stands out.

Stylish design for adults and teens alike

The Vienna white dressing table stool & mirror set spells sophistication. It is very elegant and fits perfectly in any bedroom regardless of your age. The design is timeless and attractive.

The white finish looks stunning when paired with the color palate of the dressing stool and intricate detail of the décor overall.


  • Laura James design
  • Premium and luxury looking
  • 4 drawers for extra space
  • Quality padding
  • Smooth white finish
  • Beautiful décor
  • Dimensions: (H)148cm, (W)80cm, (D)40cm

Customer reviews and scores

Over 120 Amazon review speak highly of the Vienna white dressing table set.

“I had it fixed up and it looks gorgeous.” Says one customer. Others continue writing how space efficient it is, and how easy it is to assemble.

The 4 drawers offer extra space, especially given how deep the main ones go. It is convenient, and space efficient.

“For the price, I was quite worried the dressing table might look tacky and cheap, but to my surprise, it looks great!” states another customer. This is definitely the best value for the buck. Most likely among the cheapest premium looking pieces of furniture on Amazon.


The Vienna white dressing table stool & mirror set 5 drawers bedroom dresser is real bargain considering its price value ratio. It is very stylish, with tremendous attention to detail, and beautiful white finish.

The design commands attention, and the matching contrasting dressing stool really adds a touch of elegance and luxury.

This piece of furniture will really decorate your bedroom, and add more elegance and style.

The white rose dressing table with stool is an ultra-affordable dressing set that comes in a white rose hue for an extra touch of elegance and style. It is very convenient, offering a lot of storage space, and comes with a stunning color designed dressing stool for a matching look.

It is a very chic dressing set that perfectly fits into a more elegant bedroom.

Attention to detail

Starting with its drawer knobs, and all the way to the premium looking stool padding, this is a very carefully decorated dressing table set. The white rose finish only makes it look more distinctive, highlighting how unique this set actually is.


Having similar design to another item from this list this white rose dressing table comes with the same degree of convenience. The 4 drawers are sufficient and offer much storage space, especially when you consider the depth of the two drawers in front.

The height of the mirror and the angled positioning is even more convenient, for it can adapt regardless of your height or preference.


  • Stunning white dressing table with 4 draws, mirror and cushioned stool
  • Extra storage space
  • Premium looking padding
  • Table & mirror dimensions: Width 75cm x Depth 40cm x Height 138cm
  • Stool Seat dimensions: 40cm X 30cm X 45cm Stool height(include cushion)

Customer reviews and scores

Most of the customer reviews on Amazon write how easy this dressing table set is to assemble, as well as how space efficient it is.

It is delivered the next day as well.

“A++ It was a gift to my fiancé and she is very happy about it.” Says one buyer…

Most of the 50+ reviews are 5 stars ratings and ultra-positive.


The white rose dressing table with stool is a very affordable piece of furniture, which is space efficient yet comes with extra storage space, and a comfortable height.

It looks stunning given how much attention to detail there is, and adds elegance and style to the bedroom.

The dressing stool matches the overall design, and comes with a premium-looking texture padding, that is super comfortable as well.

The mirror is perfectly positioned and easy to maneuver, and therefore extra convenient as well. This dressing table set is going to fit perfectly into your bedroom, save you space, and at the same time command attention.

The Edward Hopper 8 drawers white dressing table is somewhat different from all the other ones previously reviewed. It comes alone for the price, meaning no mirror and dressing stool are accompanying it. They do have them in stock however, and you can order separately.

But what makes this dressing table different is the quality of built. It is heavier, better balanced, and really sturdy. Let’s go over why you should consider it for the price.

Lots of storage space

The Edward Hopper 8 drawers white dressing table utilizes both sides of the desk for storage. With eight drawers placed on the sides, it offers double the space that other dressing tables have.

The drawers themselves are decent size. Both tall and deep, they can store everything you need and then some. They also come with a sliding mechanism, which basically makes them easier for use. Whereas other drawers need more force to be pulled once full and heavy, these slide just perfect.

The drawer knobs also fit the minimalistic style of the overall design of the Edward Hopper table.

Durable, solid, dependable…

The Edward Hopper 8 drawers white dressing table is much more durable than other items from this list. It is so sturdy and stable, that kids can use it for doing the homework as well. The picture makes it look smaller than it actually is, so do have that in mind. The actual size of this dressing table is very decent.


• Lots of storage
• 8 drawers with a sliding mechanism
• Decent size tabletop
• Extra durable
• Sturdy and heavy
• Well balanced
• Minimal design
• Table dimensions: 139cm (54.72″) D:41cm (16.14″) H:74cm (29.13″)

Customer reviews and scores

The Edward Hopper 8 drawers white dressing table comes with over 40 positive reviews on Amazon. The price is not exactly cheap, considering that you get the table without a dressing mirror or dressing stool, but the premium quality built can easily justify it.

Customers love the extra storage space, and the sliding mechanism that comes with it.

“The picture makes it look quite small but it isn’t, it has a very useful length for the top.” Says one customer…


Wrapping up this review, I can say that the Edward Hopper 8 drawers white dressing table is actually a very good deal even with the price being considered. It does not come with a mirror or a dressing stool, but the elegant and minimal design coupled with extra storage space and decent size still make this table a bargain.

The Amalfi Laura James shabby chic white dressing table is a really elegant piece of furniture that comes at a stunningly low price. It has a dressing mirror attached, plus a dressing stool that comes along with it, so for the price of nearly 80 pounds it is a real bargain.

The center drawer draws attention (no pun intended) with its elegantly designed handle, while the two side tabletop drawers only supplement the overall design by adding extra storage space.

A real stylistic statement

Almost all Laura James dressing tables will brighten your room and add a touch of elegance. This one is no exception. With the elegant design however, it is far more stylistically highlighted than similar items.

Even the stool matches the overall design of this set, and it actually looks quite premium and luxurious.

The front drawer enhances this statement by having a nicely designed handle that looks way out of its price range.

Surprisingly cheap

For the price you’d be right to expect something less sturdy, less stable, and poorly made. But that is not the case with this Amalfi Laura James Shabby Chic White Dressing Table.

It matches what other more expensive items are offering, and is equally durable and equally stable. The mirror setup looks way more luxurious than those of other more expensive dressing table sets.

The chic design and elegant look are also not something that you will easily find within the same price range. So this one is actually a real bargain.


  • Beautiful design
  • Stunning dressing stool
  • Decent quality
  • Extra affordable
  • Perfectly fits into small spaces
  • Table dimensions: (H) 136cm, (W) 75cm, (D) 40cm

Customer reviews and scores

Most reviews on Amazon write how easy it is to assemble this set, and how it perfectly into small bedrooms. Elegant and chic are words you are about to find often when people describe this dressing set.

With over 170 positive reviews from verified buyers, the Amalfu Laura James Shabby Chic White Dressing Table is one of the most popular items within its category and most definitely price range.


The Amalfi Laura James Shabby Chic White Dressing Table is a very stylish and beautifully designed small dressing set. It looks expensive, and luxurious, and costs less than most of the items from this list. The material and built of the set is not exactly premium, but it will last for ages nonetheless.

It perfectly fits into small spaces, and makes them look more elegant.

The Vienna white vanity dressing table with stool & mirror is an elegantly designed Laura James style dressing set that comes at a very affordable price. Unlike the Amalfu Laura James dressing set, this one comes with a set of 3 drawers in front, instead of a single larger one.

The separate drawers not only make this dressing set more convenient, but they also visually enhance the design, making the table look much bigger than it actually is. They also add an additional element of style and elegance, perfectly supplementing the vanity design.

Beautiful design

The table itself is marvelously designed. The curvature of the legs, the mirror setup, and the small but chic drawers… they all complement the Laura James vanity style.

The chair is also beautiful on its own, with premium looking padding, and a nicely designed texture. It looks comfortable, luxurious, and very chic.

Looks much bigger than it is

The clever design makes the Vienna white vanity dressing table to look much bigger than it actually is. The ornamentation, the smaller drawers placed in front, and the overall design of the set are a visual ornamentation that perceivably extends the table itself.


  • Table dimensions: (H) 140cm, (W) 80cm, (D) 40cm
  • Elegant design
  • Perfect fit for small spaces
  • Looks way bigger than it actually is
  • 5 separate drawers
  • Very easy to assemble

Customer reviews and scores

Over 120 positive reviews place this Vienna white vanity dressing table set as one of the most popular dressing tables on Amazon. It is also very affordable, so people are pleasantly surprised by the decent quality of the set.

Very easy to assemble, and as customers say “fits perfectly well in a small bedroom”.


The Vienna white vanity dressing table with stool & mirror is one of the most affordable, yet elegant dressing sets on the market. It looks way larger than it actually is, due to the strategic placement of the three front drawers.

It offers enough storage space for everyday normal use, and looks stunning in terms of design and style. It will definitely get compliments on how chic and elegant it makes your bedroom to look.

This is, bar none, one of the most stunning dressing table sets you can order online. The Songmics 7 Drawers Dressing Table Set looks so premium and expensive that people will refuse to believe you when you tell them the actual price.

The 7 drawers enlarge the table so it is way bigger in comparison to others within this price range. It looks stunning too. The ornamentation on each drawer just adds towards the jaw dropping effect this dressing set has.

Unique 3-mirror set that is foldable

The Songmics 7 Drawers Dressing Table Set offers way more functionality than you’d expect from a dressing set within this price range.

The side mirrors can fold towards the center and thus cover the main one.

Extra storage space

The 7 drawers offer much more storage while still keeping that chic and minimal design. They also give this set a stylistic touch making it look way more expensive than it actually is.

The vanity Laura James style is jaw dropping on its own, but here it is visually enhanced too.

Safety design that provides extra stability

You’d want to pay extra for a stable and sturdy dressing set, but here is how the Songmatic addresses that without making you go outside of your budget. It comes with small parts that attach the table to the wall so it stays balanced and sturdy.

Almost all of the items within this price range compromise on this. Not the Songmatic though. It is ultra-stable.


  • 3-mirror set that is foldable
  • The dressing table set attaches to the wall for extra stability
  • 7 drawers for extra storage
  • Visually stunning
  • Looks way more expensive than it is
  • Removable chair top, so you can change the color when you like

Customer reviews and scores

The Songmics 7 Drawers Dressing Table Set comes with over 40 very positive reviews on Amazon. Most of them complement the design and how easy the assembly is.

“The finished product is absolutely beautiful, looks unique and has a really nice carved flower design on the stool and drawers.” Says one customer…


The Songmics 7 Drawers Dressing Table Set is probably the best deal for the price, and then some. It looks absolutely stunning, and offers much more than other far more expensive items cannot match.

The Jasmine white dressing table set is the cheapest item from this list, yet equally elegant as all the other dressing table sets. It has a unique design that makes it look very chic and stylish, and it’s perfect for smaller bedrooms.

Designed in the Laura James style, it is timeless and elegant, and doesn’t look the price at all.

With over 200 reviews on Amazon it is by far one of the most popular dressing sets available.

Small but very elegant

The vanity Laura James design really stands out. Regardless of the size of this set, it is captivating and visually stunning. Small as it is, the elegant design makes it even more noticeable.


The comfortable padding of the chair and the decent size of both drawers and tabletop makes this Jasmine white dressing table set a really convenient piece of furniture. Coupled with the price, these features make the Jasmine set one of the best deals currently on Amazon.

Perfect for girls that want a grown-up dressing set

If your kid is looking for a grown-up dressing set instead of a kid’s table, then this is the most elegant solution. It is ideal even for young women who want a space efficient dressing set to nicely decorate their bedroom.


  • Table dimensions: Width 72cm x Depth 40cm x Height 134cm
  • 3 drawers and sufficient storage space
  • Elegant and chic design
  • The cheapest item on the list
  • Looks twice the price

Customer reviews and scores

Looking at the review section on Amazon for this one, you quickly become more convinced on how good of a deal it actually is. Most people are satisfied with the delivery, quality and ease of assembly.

You will also read how many of the customers complement its elegant design and convenient size.


The Jasmine white dressing table set is the most affordable yet elegant and chic piece of furniture you will ever find. Perfect for girls who want to a more grown-up looking table set, as well as young women who are looking for a smaller dressing set. It is easy to assemble and maintain – you can clean it with a damp towel only – and it is space efficient as well as convenient.

Most important of all, this dressing set is so elegant and chic that even twice the price would have been easily justified.

The Chelsea mirrored dressing table is a mirrored piece of furniture that looks quite extravagant and stylish. It comes alone, without a dressing stool and dressing mirrors, but you can order them separately from a palate of matching choices.

It is a luxurious looking, elegant and neat piece of furniture that will certainly be the highlight of any room.

Stunning design

The mirrored surface immediately captures attention. It is very extravagant and as such fits perfectly within any design situation.

The reflection is not equal when comparing the tabletop surface with that of the legs and drawers, and you will definitely like how it’s not a perfect 100% reflection as with ordinary mirrors. That can be quite distracting, so the Chelsea mirrored dressing table reflects only a certain percent of what you’d expect a regular mirror to.

One year guarantee

Along with the table comes a full one year guarantee. And this is rare within this price range, and certainly rare when compared to most of the products from this list.

Two large drawers for extra storage

Whereas most dressing tables offer drawers mostly for decoration purposes, the Chelsea mirrored dressing table has two decent size ones that will store anything you need for everyday use.

The frames around the drawers, as well as the drawers themselves are designed as if regular material was being used. This means that the mirror surface is interrupted so that the reflection is not distracting to look at.


  • Fully mirrored surface
  • Two large drawers
  • Premium quality materials
  • Extravagant design
  • Dimensions: H80cm x W102cm x D35cm
  • Internal Draw Dimensions: H10cm x W43.5cm x D35cm

Customer reviews and scores

“It is gorgeous; no chips or scratches, very sturdy, brilliantly packaged and very quick delivery.” Says one of the reviews on Amazon… There are more than 50 of them all of which very positive.

The heaviness and sturdiness are noticeable, and many of the customer reviews appreciate this. “Product is actually extremely heavy and may require 2 people to assemble, so keep that in mind. As a consequence however, it just oozes quality.” Writes one of the customer.


The Chelsea mirrored dressing table is an extravagant looking piece of furniture that will command attention regardless of where you put it. It has a fully mirrored surface that opens the room and enlarges the table itself, while oozing with quality, luxury and extravagance.

The Juliette Shabby Chic Antique White Dressing Table is a very stylish and rustic piece of furniture that is going to stylistically transform your bedroom. It looks very chic and elegant and can be used not only as a dressing table but as a decorating table as well.

The 3 drawers in the front visually lengthen the table, and the curvature ornamentation along with the hanging handles makes you appreciate the design even more.

This is a premium quality dressing table, which comes alone for the price. Do note however, that you can still buy a matching stool and a dressing mirror that fits the tabletop and style.

Impressive attention to detail

The ornamentation speaks for itself. Unlike other similar items with half the price tag, this one oozes with quality showcasing premium built. The legs, the drawers, the handles, the frame of the table… all show impeccable craftsmanship.

The Juliette Shabby Chic Antique White Dressing Table is an artistic expression that will easily highlight one part of your bedroom.

Quality woodwork

The Juliette Shabby Chic Antique White Dressing Table hand made by skilled craftsmen in the style of French Louis XVI. This is the first feature that sets it apart from most of the other items on this list. The white premium finish on top is hand painted in Antique White mostly using water based paints which give a much greater depth of color than modern oil paints can provide.

Sufficient storage

The 3 drawers in front can store pretty much anything you need when we talk about everyday use. They are cleverly positioned so the side drawers are way smaller, and the middle one is significantly larger. This supplements the aesthetic design, as well as providing extra convenience.

You can keep everything organized, while still being able to store more and bigger items in the middle one.


  • Stunning design
  • Hand made by skilled craftsmen
  • Premium quality
  • Premium paint for more depth
  • Attention to detail
  • Sufficient storage
  • Table dimensions: W: 110cm (43.31″) D: 40cm (15.75″) H: 79cm (31.10″)

Customer reviews and scores

Given its price, you won’t find dozens of reviews writing about it. But the 15 or so that already exist on Amazon all give this dressing table 5 stars and super positive reviews.

Have in mind that this is a premium table. Similar furniture can easily cost $500 and upwards when purchased from expensive furniture stores.


The Juliette Shabby Chic Antique White Dressing Table is probably one of the most valuable pieces of furniture you will ever buy. It is still affordable considering the quality of craftsmanship, premium coat, and stunning design.

The Aviemore Double Pedestal White Dressing Table is premium quality furniture that perfectly fits into a stylish and chic bedroom.

It offers more storage than any other item from this list, and can easily serve as a work desk as well.

With its Danish design it can perfectly fit into a modern bedroom as well.

Extra storage

Unlike other dressing tables that use drawers for ornamentation purposes mostly, the Aviemore Double Pedestal White Dressing Table offers double or triple the storage space.

The 8 drawers come separated into two sets of 4 on each side, all being equally designed. This is what probably makes this table ultra-versatile, as you can use it for work as well. If you are looking for desk on which your kid can do the homework, this one is a perfect match.

Premium quality

The Danish design comes with matching quality criteria. The woodwork and craftsmanship is noticeably better than 80% items from this list. The paint coat is of better quality as well.

Extra sturdy

The 8-drawer design, as expected, increases the weight rather much. Which in turn makes the Aviemore Double Pedestal White Dressing Table to be way heavier than similar items from this review list.

It is super sturdy and stable. Excellent for doing the homework.


  • Danish design
  • Premium quality
  • Great for doing homework
  • Extra storage space
  • Super sturdy and stable

Customer reviews and scores

Over 30 positive reviews on Amazon place this table among the best within its category and price rage. It is admittedly more expensive than most of the items from the list, and does come alone for the price, but considering the quality and usage versatility, most customers consider it to be a bargain.


The Aviemore Double Pedestal White Dressing Table is the perfect fit if you are after a more versatile dressing table, which easily transforms into a work desk as well. It offers tons of storage space, and is extra stable and sturdy.

The Danish design fits well into any design situation, and the premium quality ensures greater durability.

The Songmics White Dressing Table Set is very chic and stylish furniture that is going to decorate your bedroom for what is arguably the most affordable price.

It is super convenient, with 1 large and 2 small drawers for storage, and a very comfortable dressing stool that matches the design of the table. You also get a mirror that is adjustable by angle, and ornamented to match the style of the set.

Super affordable

When you consider how a single dressing table can cost more than 100 pounds, getting the dressing stool and mirror setup for the price of 80 does sound amazing.

The great thing is that this price cut doesn’t actually affect quality that much. So expect a fine and durable dressing set.


The large drawer in front offers more storage space than most people need. And then you have the smaller ones on each side for added detail and ornamentation, as well as more organized storage.

The mirror is the perfect size, and it is adjustable in terms of positioning as well.

The dressing stool is super comfortable, and doesn’t look the price at all. The padding looks much more expensive, and the fact that it is removable is a huge plus.

Just take the chair top off, and you can change the padding from time to time. This is a great feature if you want to refresh the bedroom once in a while.

The drawer knobs are removable as well, so you can change the color to match the padding of the chair in the future if you like.


  • Decent storage space
  • Beautiful design
  • Matching 360 degrees adjustable mirror
  • Comfortable dressing stool with removable chair top
  • Removable drawer knobs
  • Super affordable

Customer reviews and scores

With over 80 positive reviews on Amazon, this dressing table set is a really popular piece of furniture. Customers are satisfied with the quick delivery, ease of assembly, and quality of the product overall.

Most write positively about the adjustable mirror as well, for it is super handy when applying makeup.


The Songmics White Dressing Table Set is an incredibly smart purchase, given how convenient and nicely designed the whole of the set is. Considering the price as well, it is one of the most popular furniture items sold on Amazon within its category.

Chic and elegant, with a rustic Laura James appeal, this set is one of the smartest purchases you will ever make.

The Peony Shabby Chic White Dressing Table Set is a real head turner and can be the centerpiece of your bedroom. It is chic and elegant, rustic and sophisticated. The glossy white further supplements the overall stunning design and visually lengthens the table.

The dressing set is the most affordable item from this list, and is super convenient as well. It comes with a set of 5 drawers, and an adjustable mirror.

Beautiful design

The Peony Shabby Chic White Dressing Table Set is a real head turner. It commands attention with its sophisticated and luxurious design.

Minimalistic, yet ornamented with detail, it looks twice the price at least.

The center drawer, unlike those in other models, is smaller than those on the sides. This makes the table frame to look much more robust sturdy.

Attention to detail

The padding on the chair, the drawers, the knobs and the mirror setup… everything is made with attention to detail, and perfectly fits into the Laura James design narrative.

You won’t usually expect such detail given the price tag of this dressing set.

Super affordable

This is, bar none the most affordable dressing set within its category. It comes with a matching and comfortable dressing stool, as well as an adjustable mirror setup.

The 5 drawers on the other hand, are just as pragmatic as they are visually appealing.

All in all, this set is a real bargain, and probably the best deal you’ll ever find on Amazon, even across categories.


  • Super affordable
  • 5 drawers for more storage
  • Elegant and sophisticated design
  • Surprisingly stable
  • Comes with a matching dressing stool and adjustable mirror
  • Table dimensions: W 80CM X D 40CM X H 140CM
  • Dressing stool dimensions: 40CM X 30CM X 45CM

Customer reviews and scores

With over 50 positive reviews, the Peony Shabby Chic White Dressing Table Set is the safest purchase you will make.

Most of the reviews value the quick delivery, as well as ease of assembly.

The design is also a highlight of this set, and many reviews complement it as well.


The Peony Shabby Chic White Dressing Table Set is the most affordable dressing set on Amazon, and yet surprisingly elegant and stylish. It looks sophisticated and chic, and doesn’t visually reveal the price at all.

Super convenient as well, it’s probably the smartest purchase that you will ever make.