Best Bunk Beds in the UK, for girls, boys and adults

The plethora of choices is daunting, making it an arduous process to find the best bunk beds, especially bunks beds with mattresses or storage or ones that are in the best color. Whether you’re buying for a guest room or for children, you’ll want a premium quality setup, so to save you some time and effort, I’ve outlined some of the best bunk beds UK has to offer.

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Happy Beds Domino White Finished Sleep Station

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Brighton Wooden Bunk Bed

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Strictly Beds Heavy Duty Bunk Bed

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Atlantis Pinewood White Bunk Bed

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Julian Bowen Kimbo Girls Cabin Bed

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One of the best children’s bunk bed with storage, meets UK standards with a certificate, and has a solid wood slatted base for mattress support. This model also boasts great color options.

The most cost effective of all the selections, this bunk bed boasts a sturdy, solid wood design used in the frame. You also get your choice of colors, white, navy blue or silk grey.

Heavy duty bed makes for versatile sleeping arrangements – adults or children; up to 254kg. The ladder is extra flat to be easy on the feet.

Singles, so it can be split into two separate beds, and is made of solid high-quality pine wood, with a wonderful white finish. Adjustable ladder with solid wood slatted base for a sturdy design.

Most storage space out of the bunk beds listed, sturdy design, and easily is the most versatile unit. This bunk bed is a great choice bunk bed for girls, or boys if they like pink or blue.


The wood can be a little rough on the edges, but not with all models shipped. The ladder is secured to one side, so be sure to know how you’ll place it before you do.

While a bit complex to set up, the white wooden bunk beds with a little preparation could be a cinch to set up, or as close to a cinch as you’ll get with a bunk bed assembly.

This bunk bed isn’t super stylish if you’re looking for something that would have a nice color, but the wood design can be matched as it is rather neutral.

Only comes in white so you won’t be able to pick out a personalized color, but white can be made to blend into any interior.

Only a single mattress so you won’t get the availability of sleeping two children in less space. Could take quite some time to set up.


An overall well-received bed, given a high percentage of 5-star ratings because of its sturdy, reliable nature. Great mattress choices.

Versatile, great color options, and cost effective. The beds can become separate singles. Thus, what’s not to like about this setup?

Very sturdy bed set up, made from a natural pine, a ladder that goes to either side, this bunk is great if you’re looking for a heavy-duty bunk bed, great for adults.

Definitely a good choice if you’re going for a sturdy bunk bed that you can trust. Would be a great addition if you have a lot of adult guests as you won’t have to worry about them falling through.

Great storage options, a perfect bed set for a single boy or girl. Any child would love to have this versatile bunk bed with a desk and bookshelf; and you get to save space, making a small room feel large again.


Solid wooden slated base, metal safety rail, luminous stripes on each step

Pine wood

Solid pine

High quality pine wood

Quality wood


199 cm length x 137 cm width x 161 cm height

202 cm length x 99 cm width x 154 cm height

202 cm length x 98 cm width x 155 cm height

204 cm length x 74 cm width x 156 cm height

203 cm length x 115 cm width x 120 cm height


Very sturdy

Quite sturdy (50 Kg weight)

Quite sturdy (50 Kg weight)

Super sturdy

Very sturdy


Separate option to order

No mattresses included

No mattress included

2 sprung mattresses included

Not included

Can be split in two





Storage units can be moved around


Happy Beds Domino White Finished Sleep Station

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Brighton Wooden Bunk Bed

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Strictly Beds Heavy Duty Bunk Bed

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Atlantis Pinewood White Bunk Bed

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Julian Bowen Kimbo Girls Cabin Bed

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What to Look For in a Bunk Bed?

Before you buy, take some time getting to know the ins and outs of bunk beds.

  • Dimensions for your space.

We’ll start with seemingly the most obvious one, how big of a space do you have? Are you trying to fit the bunk beds into a corner or niche? Do you need a skinnier, wider bunk bed set, or a long bunk bed set? How tall is your ceiling? Will there be space to sit up in the top bunk? When considering space, don’t forget, you’ll have to room on one of the sides for the ladder.  Sometimes, you’ll be able to choose the side the ladder goes on but other times it’ll be fixated.

  • Who is going to be using the bed?

If you have children and they are going to be the sole users of the bunk beds, it’d be okay to pick up a children’s set of bunk beds. How old are your children? Are they going to be growing anytime soon? If they turn into teenagers, as their body grows they will weigh more and put more strain on the support of the bed. If you’re going to have adults over who may have to sleep on the bunk bed set, is it going to hold their weight for possibly several nights? While adult sets of bunk beds aren’t as kid friendly, (taller, plainer, and overall larger) they could last longer and be more versatile in use.

  • Are your children going to jump on the bed and be rough with it?

I know it as well as you do, you tell your child not to do something and if they are dead set on trying, they will do it anyways and if they realize nothing bad has befallen them immediately, they will do it again. It may not matter how many times you tell them not to jump or play around on the bed, if they want to, they will find a way to get away with it, until they can’t.  If you have a child like that, you may want to consider getting a sturdier set up.

Bunk Beds UK

Key Features of a bunk bed:

Is it included or do you need it? Consider these before you commit:

  • Are you going to need your own mattresses?

Sometimes these bunkbeds are only the frame and you’re expected to pick up a standard mattress, sometimes you can get a combo deal and buy both of them. If you have standard mattresses already you could get them without, if you don’t it may be worth investing in both at once. You also may want to be mindful that some of the children’s bunk beds will require you to have a specialized bed size, typically a maximum depth.

  • Singles

Singles are beds that come apart and can serve as two separate beds instead of as just a bunk bed. As your children grow up they may ‘grow out’ of the bunk beds. Simply remember that your bunk beds are also singles and an easy way to individualize them would be to give them a fresh coat of paint – your child will be thrilled to have their ‘own’ set up in a color they want.

  • Storage Options

Storage options vary with bunk beds. Some include shelves, others have cabinets, the fancier ones are a full desk set up with drawers. Bunk beds are bulky and can take up a lot of space, if there isn’t as much room for storage you may want to consider a versatile bunk bed with storage options.

Happy Beds Domino White Finished Sleep Station

The very first bunk beds on our selection is the Happy Beds Domino White Finished Sleep Station. It’s a complete bunk bed set for children, made with sturdy materials and has kept options in mind. Made in the UK and fortunately thankfully so lives up to the UK standards. You’ll find that for added security, there is a certification sticker on your base model, certifying that the bunk bed has indeed been tested and complies with UK standards. You’ll also find the date of manufacture there too. Proudly UK based, these beds are sold and dispatched here too.

Boasting a solid wooden slatted base for mattress support, these bunk beds with stairs have a sturdy construction design with quality materials in mind, all for keeping the children supported during the night. On this model, the ladder has a durable, metal safety rail to allow children to climb the stairs easily and confidently. Obviously, geared towards the safety and security of your children, each of the stairs have a glow in the dark strip for added assurance when climbing at night.

Fortunately, these bunk beds also don shelves for storage and decoration options. Giving each of your children a chance to personalize their space and store items that they may want to use at night like lamps, books, or stuffed animals.

When it comes to options, this bunk bed takes the cake, it’s available in four different colors/designs: Oak, White, Grey and Maple.

  • Oak: sticks true to a neutral wooden color.
  • Grey: boasts a modern design,
  • White: blends with practically anything,
  • Maple design: slick and is paired with white boards. A great choice if you’re still partial to a wooden appeal but not oak.

I didn’t say it took the cake for no reason, you can also get a set of mattresses for these bunk beds, and they also come in four different selections (or a base frame without the beds). Iterating the importance of the safety of your children, all mattresses are fire retardant and handmade in UK to ensure they are a quality product.

  • Two Spring Mattresses: These mattresses are quality spring units made with luxurious, fine Damask Fabric. The bed itself weighs in at a medium-soft tension.
  • Two Orthopedic Mattresses: These are also quality spring units, but this particular set of mattresses are hand tufted, with multi layers of fillings. This set places at a medium tension.
  • Two Pocket Sprung Mattresses: Boasting high count pocket springs that are individually encased. These mattresses come with luxury fillings in fine damask fabric, and comes in at a medium-soft tension.
  • Two Memory Foam Mattresses: The base of these mattresses is a quality spring unit but with a layer of Memory Foam that reacts to body heat and responds to supports the body. The memory foam is at a medium-soft tension


Finally, the dimensions. This model runs 199cm in length ,137cm wide, and without the ladder on the bunk bed the width only reaches 116 cm. Height comes in at 161cm, with the distance between the bunk beds at 80cm. Additionally, the ladder is secured and cannot be placed on a different side.

This bunk bed is one of the best bunk beds in the UK, with over 80% of the reviews ranking this set at five stars and another 13% set the bar with their four-star ratings. Overall, these bunk beds would be a solid choice: comfortable, worthwhile mattresses, complemented by a sturdy construction and safety features galore. While assembly can take a while, the beds are worth the effort.

Happy Beds Domino White Finished Sleep Station

Brighton Wooden Bunk Bed

The Brighton Bunk Beds flaunts the title of being the most cost effective out of all the current choices without mattresses. Don’t let the price fool you though, the Brighton white wooden bunk beds have not compromised on safety, quality or versatility.

These white wooden bunk beds are built with a solid wood frame. No corners have been cut with your children at stake, there are no MDF or any other questionable composite materials used in the manufacturing process, just a solid, tried and true, wood frame. The ladder on the Brighton can be positioned so it can go on either the left or the right-hand side. I noticed the bed guard could be put on the bottom bunk with a little bit of added work. These beds have also been found to be sturdy enough for adults too.

This item comes flat packed for easy home delivery and assembly, but expect to spend a few hours on this project, especially if you’re planning on doing it alone. I would, however, recommend having two sets of hands working on this project, rather than one. Also, take into consideration that there are about 64 screws to screw in, and if you’re doing it all by hand it will get rather tiring, really fast. You may want to invest in an electric drill with a hex bit.

All of these the bunk beds are independently tested to the highest standards and exceed current UK safety regulations. These beds are singles, and as explained previously can be broken up into two very stylish looking, separate beds. To add to the customizability, these bunks come in 3 different colors, a neutral white, stunning navy blue or a contemporary silk grey. None of the wood grain is visible through the white, so you won’t have to worry about it clashing with anything.

These bunk beds fit two standard single mattresses (190x90cm), but the mattresses are not included and will have to be purchased separately. Also, be mindful that unfortunately, due to the size of the item these bunk beds cannot be shipped to the Scottish Highlands or Islands, the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland.

Overall Dimensions are: Length 202cm x Height 154cm x Width 99cm; and there is 60cm from top of the bottom mattress to the bottom of the top mattress when mattresses are added.

Finally, this is one of the great sets of children’s bunk beds with stairs and storage. You get a sturdy, tested for safety bunk bed, with shelves and easy to use stairs.

Brighton Wooden Bunk Bed

Strictly Beds Heavy Duty Bunk Bed

These bunk beds were manufactured in England by Strictly Beds & Bunks. The materials are sourced from the finest Scandinavian natural pine available. Strictly Beds values timber sourced from sustainable forests, and makes sure these timbers are machined in the Bedfordshire factory. Supporting the native economy and holding proudly to the country of origin, Strictly Beds Heavy Duty Bunk Beds offers free delivery to all of mainland England, Wales and Scotland. Unfortunately, though, given the product that has to be transported, it’s size and weight, there is not a free delivery option to the offshore regions; as with many of the other models’ delivery options. Personally, I always love when companies value business from their roots so dearly, it’s refreshing.

This is a very sturdy bunk bed, constructed with extra wide solid, pine base slats that are supported by an additional center rail support system, dare I say it? For that much extra security. Even the ladder has extra thick, flat “easy on the feet” rungs and fortunately, the ladder can go to either the left or right of the bed, depending on your needs. The sturdy nature of this bed allows for versatile sleeping arrangements. Adults or children can sleep comfortably and soundly knowing the bed holds up to 254kg.

This unit is packaged for easy assembly, but as is suggested with all the other units, it might be worthwhile to grab an electric saw if you don’t already have one, you’ll appreciate the ease of effort. If not, be prepared to screw in what could be easily over 50 screws into the bunk bed.

This model does not include a mattress, so you’ll have to pick one up or have a standard mattress size of 90cm by 190cm. This bunk bed allows for a maximum depth of 20cm. You can purchase a mattress in tandem with this bunk bed and receive them both at the same time if you go through the same seller, or find the code associated with their product page. As for the dimensions this bunk bed is for a single standard mattress as stated above and has a width of 98cm, a length of 202cm and a height of 185cm.

This solid pine bunk bed is surprisingly the cheaper of the two solid pine wood options, but this one doesn’t come with a mattress so weighing in the cost could definitely turn the tides of who wins the cost effectiveness battle. Compared to the other beds; this is definitely the choice if you’re looking for a heavy-duty bed.

Strictly Beds Heavy Duty Bunk Bed

Atlantis Pinewood White Bunk Bed

The Atlantis Pinewood White Bunk Bed is the more expensive option of the pine bunk beds, but this one does come with a mattress and the bunk beds can easily become two singles. Which means this bunk bed easily becomes the more versatile option, though, not as sturdy and heavy duty as the last one. Fortunately, though, this unit is still very solidly built with a modern but simple design in mind for both adults and children.


This pinewood option does boast the usage of high quality pine wood in the manufacturing process of the bunk beds, but it is accomplished with a solid wooden slatted base, instead of the extra reinforcement the other bunk bed offers. Although, the slatted base makes for extended mattress life and extra comfort. That just means your support a choice you’ll have make if you’re looking for a pinewood bunk.

This white wood bunk bed provides a rather contemporary looking twist on the simple style by using an antique lacquered solid white finish. That means cleaning up the wood from scuffs, or general dirt will be a breeze and the lacquered finish brings out the charming aspects of the pine’s natural grain look while retaining the finer qualities of the wood.

This bunk bed comes flat packed, making delivery a little easier and storage easier. These beds are manufactured for breezy self-assembly, but be willing to invest some time into the endeavor, it may take two or more hours to complete. A word from the wise, it may behoove you to take the assembly pieces you are given and lay them out in piles to figure out which piece is what before you start because a lot of these parts look similar but aren’t the same piece. If you’re just opening up pieces and trying to figure it out while you go it could take you a lot longer and be far more frustrating than it needs to be. Don’t subject yourself to that kind of torture.

Then, before you assemble, take note that while the ladder can be placed on either side, you need to reverse the beside (length) pieces, if you don’t do this from the beginning you could end up with a big mess that you don’t want to finish. The screw holes may not be on the correct side, and I know all too well how absolutely irritating that is.

These bunk beds come with two luxury spring mattresses that tend to run a bit soft. So, while the beds may be great for children, some adults may prefer a firmer mattress set up – that may be something you’ll want to consider if you’re getting these beds to harbor adult company. Though, who doesn’t like a soft bed to sleep in?

The Approximate Measurements:

  • Length: 203cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Height:150cm
  • Ladder Width:35cm
  • Mattress Depth: 5.9 inches

The company selling these bunk beds advise that the top bunk bed is not suitable for children under 6 years of age. Likewise, the lower bunk bed is not suitable for children under three years old. With quality and safety in mind, the bunk beds comply with the UK standards for bunk beds. If you’re going to have young (three or older) children on the bottom bed you may want to get a bed guard to keep them from rolling off the bottom bunk.

Finally, because of the versatile nature of the bed, the solid design and the great modern, white lacquer finish on the pine, this bed is a worthwhile choice!

Atlantis Pinewood White Bunk Bed

Julian Bowen Kimbo Girls Cabin Bed

When I first laid eyes on this bed, I could only imagine the joy it would bring to any young child. Imagine, having a whole bed set up, with a desk and a bookshelf, and a dresser tucked right under. With a bed way up that you had to climb into at night. Children are full of wonder and adventure; this bed is like their own little tame playground area, where they could do almost anything they wanted. This choice is sure to fill their eyes with admiration.

Now, this bed is definitely a space saving marvel, you’ll easily turn any small bedroom into the envy of your children’s friends and maybe yours too. Hands down you can rest easy knowing the room will have space for other things, and your child will love the freestanding desk, drawer unit and shelves that they can reposition as they please. The desk comes with wheels so it can be rolled around and enjoyed wherever, the shelves and dresser unit may require your parenting touch to move though.

As for some of the more technical aspects, this bunk bed fits any standard single UK size, the typical 90cm by 190 cm. With a sturdy design this bunk bed can actually be used for adults too, though they may prefer the couch. This bunk bed for girls (and boys) requires a mattress height less than 18cm. Anything higher than that will break the safety regulations this bed was manufactured for. The ladder has very wide sturdy steps to making climbing into the bed easy.

Easily choose between a pink and white design, or a sky blue and white. Fortunately, if you’re looking for more adornments to match this bunk bed setup, Julian Bowen has other additions to match the interior décor, like a wardrobe, drawers and bedside. While your child may not care what the bed is matched with, you just might.

As with all the other models on this list, this bunk bed will require self-assembly, depending on how versed you are in DIY projects, you may find that this unit will take several hours to complete. Thankfully though, the instructions are a breeze to follow. You still may want to pick up an electric drill if you plan on tackling this assembly though.

  • Overall dimensions: 203cm long, 120 cm in width, and 115 cm high.
  • The portable desk dimensions are 83.5 cm in length, 57 cm in width and 68 cm tall.

This bunk bed comes with the most storage options. It’s only a single bed set up, but will save you a ton of space in a small room. It’s sturdy and reliable and well any younger children are sure to love it.

Julian Bowen Kimbo Girls Cabin Bed

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