Best beds in the UK

How much do you value a good night’s sleep? Is the bedroom your sanctuary of tranquility, and your bed a place of comfort? And if you were rating different bedroom furniture features, what usually stands out? For some people it’s all about the size. Others, though, appreciate the height, elegance, noise-free and sturdy built, design…

The guide you are about to read is a comparison sheet. Going over 5 different models, it represents the best beds in UK, across a wide variety of categories. Selected out carefully, and reviewed thoroughly, these suggestions would save you a lot of legwork.

The best beds reviews below delve into detail, so make sure to scroll slowly. We provided a comparison table too, highlighting the differences between each, so feel free to rely on that as well.

Note, also, that the selection of beds is intentionally diverse, so that every category has a representative. Price is taken into the equation as well, so we are not comparing apples to oranges.

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BEST 2018

Crushed Velvet Fabric Bed Frame

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Designer Double Bed Upholstered

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Solid Wooden Pine Bed Frame

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Versailles Glossy Vanilla Day Bed

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Side Lift Ottoman Storage Bed

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Stunning and elegant look; premium quality crushed velvet finish; sturdy and durable; headboard that commands attention right away; heavy and stable

The most elegant model from the selection; massive and heavy, yet soft and luxurious; remote controlled lightning on the headboard; super sturdy and durable

Elegant and natural looking frame; product of high quality craftsmanship; sturdy and durable; extra slats for the base (18 as opposed to the usual 12)

Stylish design with attention to detail; sturdy and durable; wooden sprung slats; pull out trundle bed; affordable

Side-lift storage; upholstered in quality soft faux leather; sprung wood slats; huge storage capacity; super affordable price considering the features


Pricier than the rest, though it is still relatively affordable considering the quality and luxurious design

Heavy for transport

None whatsoever!

Takes a while to assemble

None whatsoever!


The Selina cream looks far more luxurious than any other competitor, and it is one of the most durable models on the UK market. Considering the features, we can still say that it is relatively affordable. It is, bar none, the most expensive looking model within our entire selection. Arguably one of the best models we have ever reviewed.

One of the most stylish models on the market, with features that far surpass any other competing brand. If you are after elegant and contemporary furniture, no other model can compete with this one. Buy before they run out of stock!

The best wooden frame model on the market. If you prefer wooden pine furniture, look no further! Thanks to fine craftsmanship, this frame will last more than a decade, so it’s a very smart investment.

The best day bed on the UK market! It features a high quality frame, plus luxurious comfort when it comes to size. Chick and elegant, we highly recommend it!

A very elegant yet affordable double bed with high quality storage mechanism. It doesn’t look like a storage bed, being much more elegant than similar models. Highly recommended!


213 x 160 cm; headboard height at 120 cm; foot board height at 60 cm

215 x 115 x 73 cm

200 x 150 x 70 cm

203 x 95 x 115 (day bed); 190 x 95 x 34.5 cm (trundle)

200 x 145 x 84 cm


premium quality crushed velvet finish

durable and luxurious faux leather

Pine wood

Metal frame with wooden slats

upholstered in soft faux leather


Not especially affordable

Not especially affordable

relatively affordable

Reasonably affordable

Very affordable

Special features

Most luxurious looking headboard within this price category

LED illuminated headboard; stunning designer look

Premium quality wood craftsmanship

Underbed trundle

storage mechanism with a double piston hydraulic gas system


no warranty


1 year warranty

no warranty

no warranty

Crushed Velvet Fabric Bed Frame

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Designer Double Bed Upholstered

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Solid Wooden Pine Bed Frame

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Versailles Glossy Vanilla Day Bed

Check Price

Side Lift Ottoman Storage Bed

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Types of beds and which one is the ideal?

Working closely with customers, we always encourage them to provide some context behind their purchase decision. Surprisingly often, they realize they’ve been looking for the wrong model. The ideal starting point, then, would be to identify your needs.

Each category comes with different pros and cons, and they differ in many respects. King size beds, for example, provide unparalleled comfort, yet occupy more space than some can afford. Upholstered beds, though elegant, might require dry cleaning every once in a while. Storage, for some, can be a lifesaver, while it will cause a series of headaches for those who have to deal with mold and condensation.

Regardless of the category, however, each bed can be evaluated separately, not only by the model, but quality of built as well. Much can be said about the material, craftsmanship, design and longevity. If you know where to look, judging the quality of each and every bed model becomes rather easy.

Apart from design, there are many features you ought to be looking for when choosing a bed. The best beds would provide a sturdy built, which in turn ensures durability. They are noise-free, regardless of weight.

Ergonomically built, the best beds consider height as well, with design in service of user experience, providing unobstructed rest.

Featured below are some of the most popular beds from each category, with a combined number of reviews extending far into several hundreds. We tested them separately, writing extensive reviews for each. Comparing our verdict against customer feedback, it seems as though we got it right. The bed should be a focal point of the entire room, so the importance of choosing the ideal one puts a certain level of pressure. Worry not, for we are here to help!

In search for the best beds in UK, we analyzed and tested dozens of varieties. The headboard with a basic frame, the one with rails, the combination of a headboard and footboard, the four poster, the canopy, the upholstered double bed, and of course the day bed with trundle. Contemporary models were considered as well, and judged against the traditional and in many cases the minimalist. Wood, leather, textile, with mechanism or without… we looked everywhere, comparing features and prices, before writing the best beds reviews.

Choosing the right bed, you should feel confident that it will last for a decade at least. Durability, therefore, is one of the most important features. The ideal would be to enjoy the same bed, year after year, without noticing any difference as a result of time. So let’s take a look at the best beds UK wide.

Crushed Velvet Fabric Bed Frame

Crushed Velvet Fabric Bed Frame

A model with fantastic contemporary chesterfield sleigh design, the Selina Cream commands attention right away. The velvet bed frame will be the centerpiece of any bedroom, with elegance far surpassing that of competing models.

The fabric is high quality, with a quaintly archaic feel to it nonetheless, thanks to the crushed velvet texture. It is an ideal fit for a traditional bedroom, but a contemporary one as well.

This model is one of the most popular king size beds, since it offers premium quality at an affordable price. If you want to go with something that says expensive, yet remains within your budget, I cannot think of a better choice. The headboard, along with the footboard, has a luxurious appearance, looking rich, deep and soft. And it is not only an optical quality, but one of material as well.

As far as design goes, this model is a spectacle to watch – short legs with attention to detail, and a tall headboard that looks very elegant. The outward curve of both the footboard and the headboard contribute to perceived size, as well as the height position of the mattress.

Measuring the dimensions, you have a headboard height of 120 cm, footboard height of 60 cm, with the length and width measuring 230 and 160 cm respectively. While it is not the biggest bed by any stretch, it easily looks the part.

When it comes to quality of built and sturdiness, although it looks fragile at the base, the Crushed velvet fabric bed frame Selina Cream is a fortress of stability. Small and seemingly fragile, the legs are firmly attached to the frame, and will definitely endure a decade long use, regardless of your weight.

With a sprung wooden slatted base, the Selina Cream will provide comfort as well as durability. We encourage our customers to shop for beds with a wooden slatted base since it will save them a ton of headache. This setting allows the mattress – any type of mattress – to breath, as well as distribute the weight properly and evenly. It will keep you comfortable, while prolonging the lifetime of your mattress as well.

Though delivered to your door, the Selina Cream requires a bit of assembly. However, a single person, if he is resourceful enough, can complete the assembly by himself. Having a helping hand though, will get the job done much faster.

All in all, this a luxurious bed, not only by looks, but quality of craftsmanship and material as well. The price, though, doesn’t reflect this fact. Being so affordable, it is perhaps the perfect model within its category, outperforming dozens of competing entries in our selection process.

Elegant and stunning, it will become, without doubt, the centerpiece of your bedroom, decorating the space unlike any other model within a similar price range. To reiterate again, it is a sturdy-built, noise-free model, with ideal size and spectacular design, covered with a high quality fabric. Very popular among our customers and perhaps one of the best models available on the market.

Crushed Velvet Fabric Bed Frame

Designer Double Bed Upholstered

Designer Double Bed Upholstered

One of the bestselling designer beds across Europe, the Modern Italian designer double bed is a sight to behold. A modern classic, it fits into any bedroom for the ultimate contemporary statement. All features considered it is definitely one of the best models we have ever reviewed, so let’s start from the very beginning.

What catches the eye right away is the massively looking design. It seems as though the entire bed has been carved out of a single block. Even the matress, which is bought separately, looks embedded into the frame. Curved to perfection, the model features a very useful headboard that serves both you and the overall design. The bed frame, on the other hand, looks heavy and ultra-sturdy, which in fact it really is. The low center of gravity ensures unmatched durability, stability, and noise free sleep for decades to come. The legs, though ridiculously short, make the entire bed a fortress of stability.

The entire surface is covered with durable and high quality luxurious faux leather, which unlike textile is easy to clean and maintain. Should imperfections create after years of use, the color of the material will compensate.

The multi-color LED headboard, is arguably one of a type, and it features 4 basic colors (white, red, green and blue), in four distinct variations other than the static mode – you can additionally select different modes such as strobe, flash, fade and smooth. The control of the LED headboard is possible through a remote controller. This feature, honestly, is not something I would look forward, both because I’m not the type of person who would use it anyway and mainly because it might require additional maintenance after several years. On another note, it is kind of interesting knowing that you have the option. Have in mind though, the remote control can be used only when it is facing against the sensor.

The model also features a sprung slated base, which is our ultimate recommendation when choosing a double bed. It will keep your mattress in good shape for years to come.

The upholstered double bed will be delivered to your door, and apart from the legs not much assembly is required. The measurements are 155 x 214cm, for the width and length, and the headboard sits at a height of 73cm.

All in all, this is a very luxurious velvet double bed, with stunning design and several desirable features. To reiterate, the elegant and contemporary look is what captures the attention right away, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Namely, the weight, craftsmanship, and the low center of gravity make this model a sturdy fortress of stability. One that is likely to remain in the same condition even after a decade of use.

The curvature, of both the headboard and the feet area look inviting, and the material is very high quality faux leather that is easy to clean and maintain – a consistently sleek design throughout several of its features. Equipped with an LED headboard, in four main colors accompanied by 4 lighting variations for each, it is the ultimate mood control station, should you need any.

The price is reasonably affordable, taking this Modern Italian designer double bed upholstered, on the very top of our list.

Designer Double Bed Upholstered

Solid Wooden Pine Bed Frame

Solid Wooden Pine Bed Frame

An elegant model with a natural look, the solid wooden pine bed frame fits into any bedroom. It comes in 4 different varieties, including walnut, oak, alder or natural pine panted finish.

With an open foot end and slightly raised headboard, this model follows a minimalist design. It measures only 35 cm form the floor, and to its highest spot on the side of the frame. Only 20 cm of empty space are underneath.

Noise free and sturdy, the wooden construction is likely to remain intact for a decade or more. With a low center of gravity, and nicely designed base, it provides stability and resistance to sudden movements. Regardless of your size and weight this model is going to remain clued into place.

The smooth finish covering the surface is easy to clean – more so than any other upholstered variety. You can also see the wood pores across the frame, thanks to quality craftsmanship.

Included also, are wooden pine slats, covering the entire frame. Unlike many models that feature 12-16 slats when it comes to this exact size, this one has 18 strong, plywood slats. And instead of resting them on the frame, to be held firmly by the weight of the mattress, these slates come with pre-drilled holes for extra durability and security. They are to be screwed into the bedframe, ensuring ultimate stability, and lack of noise even during the most sudden and violent of movements.

Four different size options are available, measuring the same across headboard and frame height, with the only difference being the width. The King size variety also extends the length for an additional 10 cm. We reviewed this specific model mainly because it provides more space – something that usually translates into design flaws when it comes to stability. No flaws, however, were found during the review process.

To ensure support, the model has a central rail, additionally supported by two strong legs. Contacting the company, they informed us that additional legs are available should we need any. But even for a tall guy like me, the bed felt stable and secure enough.

Visiting the Amazon listing, you’ll find video instructions of the assembly process, but you can assemble the bed easily even without it. The measurements are 200 cm in length, 150 cm in width, and 70 cm in height of the headboard. The external length and width are 206 x 157 cm. The frame, though, measures 35 cm at the height of the foot end, with 20 cm space underneath the bed. The board thickness is 2.6 cm.

If you prefer a fine craftsmanship wooden frame, there is no better model than this one. It is sturdy, durable and very elegant, ready to be compared against models far beyond its price range. Very affordable considering the size and quality craftsmanship, this solid wooden pine bed frame will likely stay the same for decades to come. One of the best beds we have ever assembled! If you like the design, don’t hesitate for a second.

Solid Wooden Pine Bed Frame

Versailles Glossy Vanilla Day Bed

Versailles Glossy Vanilla Day Bed

Elegant and chick as no other, the Versailles glossy vanilla daybed is a work of art. It is a perfect decoration for any bedroom – stylish yet affordable this model is surprisingly convenient as well.

The frame is painted in a glossy white finish, and there is much attention to detail, giving this daybed a characteristic appearance. The white color combines perfectly with different sheets and linens, and it looks stunning when arranged with differently sized pillows.

The quality of the frame is unmatched within this price category, and it is surprisingly sturdy given its fragile look. The base is covered with wooden sprung slats, allowing your mattress to breath, while at the same time distributing the weight evenly across the frame.

While assembling it, I was skeptical about the noise. It looked to me like this model was going to produce a bit of noise regardless of how firmly I assembled the pieces. Surprisingly, there is no noise whatsoever, and the bed stays cemented into place regardless of how violently you decide to move.

What makes it extra valuable though, is the additional frame that comes with it. While the main frame looks stunning and sufficient for the price, you get to have another bed that is easily portable and assembled within seconds. Along with the underbed trundle, the main frame becomes part of a huge double bed, where two people can sleep in luxurious comfort. Perhaps the most spacious day bed UK wide.

Thanks to the sturdiness and weight of the frame, the separate beds won’t move against one another. The height is exactly the same, and if you chose the same type of mattress you will have a hard time noticing the crack in the middle. The day bed, when combined with the underbed trundle, feels as though a singular large bed.

The dimensions of the daybed, when assembled, are 203 cm for the length, 95 cm for the width, and 115 cm for the height. The trundle bed measures 190 cm for the length (considering there is no frame on the outer edges), 95 cm for the width (which is the same as the day bed), and 34.5 cm for the height, when in storage position.

The mattresses are not included in the package. When shopping for a mattress, for the underbed trundle, make sure to look for one that doesn’t exceed 15 cm in height (this is to ensure underbed storage). As for shipping, it is free for England, Wales, and Lower Scotland only, and might take between 1-3 business days.

The Versailles glossy vanilla daybed will be shipped in flat package, which means that it requires assembly. It took me roughly 10 minutes to put everything together, but do note that I have experience with assembling and disassembling furniture and have been doing it for many years. Needless to say, however, the assembly process is quite straightforward since all the instructions as well as fixings are supplied.

If you prefer a stylish bed, that looks amazing and is very convenient at the same time, no need to look further. Reasonably affordable, this is perhaps the best day bed with trundle in the UK. Highly recommended!

Versailles Glossy Vanilla Day Bed

Side Lift Ottoman Storage Bed

Side Lift Ottoman Storage Bed

Minimalist and elegant, the side lift Ottoman storage bed combines aesthetics with convenience. Available in 4 sizes, you can chose between the 3ft single, 4ft small double, 4ft6 double and the 5ft king size. For the purpose of this review, we decided to test the 4ft6 double – further measurements will be discussed below.

Upholstered in soft faux leather, the Ottoman storage bed features a stitched headboard measuring 85 cm from the floor. With a stunning design, you would never assume it has a mechanism built in underneath. It doesn’t look as the type of model that is geared towards convenience. Instead, it commands attention right away, with a very stylish exterior.

The faux leather is easy to clean and doesn’t ask for any type of maintenance. It is of premium quality, and likely to last more than a decade.

As far as the base goes, the entire frame is sturdy and durable, despite the storage mechanism. It so happens, with most of the storage models, that they exhibit numerous flaws when it comes to balance and durability. Not this one though.

The model features a wooden slatted base, allowing your mattress to breathe, while at the same time distributing the weight evenly throughout the frame. For a storage mechanism bed, it is surprisingly noise free. Much of this, perhaps, is thanks to the rail structure that is intertwined beneath.

As far as the storage mechanism goes, it features a double piston gas hydraulic system that seems quite reliable. Once lifted, the base, along with the mattress, would stay up, allowing you to store items without having to hold on to the frame. The fact that it lifts from the side is even better, since it allows for a better approach, where you can reach easily and take out every item you’d like.

I have a different storage mechanism back at home, that lifts form the bottom and towards the top, and my wife is always having difficulties trying to access the items stored right below the pillowcase.

While the measurements differ from one model to another, the height of the headboard, footboard and depth of storage remains the same. 85 followed by 33, and depth of 30 cm. If you were wondering, that is a very sufficient depth for storage, offering more than 5 cm when compared against other similar models.

The side lift Ottoman storage bed is delivered free of charge to the Mainland UK, and it comes in a flat package. Assembly would require a bit of work, but everything is color coded, so you will be able to complete the process without asking for extra help.

Three color options are available as well, and you can choose between white, black and brown. All of them, without exception, look stunning.

All features considered, this is perhaps the best storage bed available on the market, and it is elegant as it is convenient. The price is relatively affordable considering the quality, making this model one of the best on our list.

Side Lift Ottoman Storage Bed

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