Best Bean Bag Reviews in the UK, different shapes and materials

One of the best ways of resting after a long day in the house or at work is on a cosy chair made with utmost relaxation in mind. Bean bags are a superb choice considering their comfortable and soft features. Choosing the right bean bag that works for you can be a tad boggling, but with the following reviews this shouldn’t be so.

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Bazaar Bag Slate Grey Giant Beanbag

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Designer Recliner Gaming Bean Bag

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Brown Faux Leather Extra Large Bean Bag

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Natural Stone Jumbo Cord Bean Bag Snuggle Chair Plush Retro Corduroy Fabric

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Ravioli Giant Cushion Soft Bean Bag

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Since it takes diverse shapes you can choose the most comfortable position and shape. Bean bag features a contemporary and cool versatile design and perfect for using outdoors and indoors. It has massive dimensions yet lightweight and high quality.

Features custom made FreeFlow Virgin polyester beads for added comfort with a waterproof fabric. Offer supreme neck and back support yet lightweight enough to take outdoors or around the house. Double stitching rows assure more strength, wide seat and high back.

Hundreds of reviews from customers who’ve loved, tested and tried the bean bag confirm its neck and back support superiority. SuppleLux Faux Leather cover fabric gives enough to help you recline comfortably. Your body size doesn’t matter as the bean bag effortlessly moulds into your body shape.

Luxuriously soft and designed in Britain, it offers a velvety feel.  Gives much needed supportive shape while seated to rest your back easy. It moulds easily taking your body shape and offers softness, cosiness and warmth in a retro cord design.

Features a wonderful build quality with two layers and very comfortable. The Gilda bean bag offers superb colour choices matching online pictures and large enough for any adult to comfortably relax on without taking lots of space in the house.


It’s superior water proof cover and inside beans can get a tad hot.

Some have reported the bean bag can be a bit under-filled for easier packaging.

The tallest and burliest in the house might find it a bit uncomfortable.

Not really ‘jumbo’ as it claims.

Fear of too much jumping tearing the bean bag.


Amazing huge bean bag with a versatile design perfect for outdoors folks and relaxing indoors due to its superior waterproof cover fabric. It assures comfort and convenience anywhere you use it.

The perfect bean bag for anyone in the home from teens to adults who need to relax on a comfortable seat while watching their favourite TV shows, gaming, reading or working on a laptop. Strong construction guarantees unique comfort.

Perfect adjustable bean bag for those who want to watch TV, game or read in comfort and hardly scratches no matter what you’re wearing.  Easy to clean, its fire retardant standards make it a quality addition to any home.

Very lovely bean bag of good quality and size while the corduroy fabric cover is highly practical and comfortable. It’s pleasant to the touch with a superb warming finish.

Its giant build and high quality with two layers is delightful assurance of a comfortable bean bag. Bean bag to flop on to read, watch TV or allow a child to cuddle on at night.


Durable and waterproof fabric

TX ballistic waterproof fabric, treated with high performance Teflon

Quality and super durable faux leather

Jumbo cord fabric

Soft fabric


180 cm x 140 cm

127 cm x 88 cm

118 cm x 68 cm

84 cm x 70 cm

135 cm x 135 cm




Repels water, yes




Quite comfortable

Very comfortable (filled with Free Flow polyester bead)

Very comfortable

Very comfortable (premium quality bean filling)

Very comfortable (versatile too)



Very affordable


Not quite affordable

Super affordable!

Bazaar Bag Slate Grey Giant Beanbag

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Designer Recliner Gaming Bean Bag

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Brown Faux Leather Extra Large Bean Bag

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Natural Stone Jumbo Cord Bean Bag Snuggle Chair Plush Retro Corduroy Fabric

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Ravioli Giant Cushion Soft Bean Bag

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Why bean bags?

As you choose the right furniture for your home, comfort is absolutely at the top of your mind. Hardly would anyone select uncomfortable, coarse chairs to relax on after a busy day in the office or around the house. Rest requires an absolute top-ranking cosy chair and bean bags are on the top of the list. They’re oversized, soft seats that easily take the shape of your body allowing you to immerse yourself in a comfortable foamed padding squeeze. With all types of bean bags available today, you can actually choose the colour, shape and size you like. In the following reviews are some of the most popular in the market today to help you select the best.

Features to have in mind

It’s never easy to choose the best type of furniture for your home. The material, design, shape and size are some of the things that come into mind. Bean bags are of diverse shapes and hues. As you choose the best, think about the following:


Bean bag shapes are various. For great back support the teardrop or pear shaped one is perfect, also great for those who love to stretch out their legs. If you want enough space for about two individuals the flat pancake shaped one is just the right one and can be transformed into a coffee table if need be. Pillow shaped ones can be used as a mattress due to their flattening feature and easily kneaded into all manner of shapes. Bean bags you can use as sofas include sack shaped ones, which are also the largest in size. Back support and comfortable soft choice bean bags include chain shaped ones while sphere shaped are also available, which you can transfer to any living surroundings to save space. If you’re thinking about your children you’ll find creative bean bags perfect for kids enhanced with animated characters and animal shapes ideal for kids to play with or just relax and cool down.

Bean bag material

As you choose a bean bag, the material is a consideration worth making. Note the fabric that covers the product and fillers used. Cosiness and softness are dependent on the type of filler. Fillers need to be spongy to allow human weight to sink into the chair while being firm enough to support it. It’s also important to ensure the filler is resistant to pressure and durable.

With diverse fillers out there, the most popular are urethane foam and polystyrene beans. While polystyrene bean bags easily take up big weights and reusable, they could compress with time and need to be refilled later on. On the other hand, urethane foam bean bags hardly compress even over a long period of time and way elastic. Since urethane foam bean bags don’t need to be refilled, they’re a bit expensive than polystyrene ones.

For the right bean bag cover, choose the best fabric that works for you considering there’re so many to select from. Even so, note the quality of the fabric cover and whether it requires any special treatment such as wool or suede or they are easy to clean such as water-resistant cloth or leather.

Other factors to note include:

  • Whether bean bag cover is removable for cleaning purposes
  • Double zipped or double stitched bean bags-safe in a home with children as they don’t spill out the filler material
  • Handles for carrying the bean bag easily around
  • Side pockets, drink holders and other conveniences to pack up different items

Bazaar Bag Slate Grey Giant Beanbag

One of the obvious strengths of the Bazaar Bag is its excellent design and superb quality construction. It’s also one of the few large bean bags around at 180cm by 140cm. If you’re thinking quality, size and lovely design the Bazaar Bag wins big.

Getting down to relax at home watching your favourite TV show, relaxing with a book inside the house or just resting by the poolside or garden has this bean bag written all over it. It’s an original choice for outdoors and indoors, whether you’re passing time by the pool, garden or in your living room. Every visitor in your home who sits on it will be impressed by the size, comfort and excellent quality design, especially if you want to offer your friends an extra seating space.

Waterproof is a critical feature and the Bazaar Bag is covered by a waterproof cover fabric to assure durability, including a weather resistant design. If indoors and not in use do take it inside the house. The bean bag is also a statement of coolness and comfort in a contemporary sense. It helps you make a huge style statement as you select between the diverse fashionable and neutral tones capable of enhancing any hue arrangement from Navy, Slate Grey, Fuchsia Pink, Orange, and Lime Green to Duck Egg Blue, especially if you want to leave an impression in the mind of those who sit on it.

Even with a versatile shape and design the Bazaar Bag is very lightweight and can be ferried around with ease. Moving it from the garden to any room in the house is so easy. To ensure the bean bag offers enough space for as many people as possible simply reshape it into the shape you want, such as straddling inside a canoe or lying flat.

Cleaning a bean bag can be a bit complex but the Bazaar Bag is a wipe clean product and there’s no need of removing the cover. Caution is required when children are using it; the content of the bean bag should only be accessed when it comes to refilling it. Nonetheless, the furniture product comes with an extra zip. Fillers are 100 per cent polystyrene beads while the cover is made of 100 per cent polyester.

Bazaar Bean Bag has fully complied with the required safety regulations guaranteeing stylish and unbeatable quality furniture with enough space for at least two adults. Easily transform the Bazaar Bag into any shape you want such as propping it by the wall to create a comfortable floor-chair, lounge on it flat or knead it into another shape. With about four ways to enjoy sitting on it, the bean bag is a unique gift idea for a friend, spouse or family member who deserves a quality furniture item to rest and relax on.

Bazaar Bag Slate Grey Giant Beanbag

Designer Recliner Gaming Bean Bag

Quirky cosiness comes in different ways such as the Gaming Bean Bag. With a fabric cover perfect for outdoors, the recliner bean bag is a comfortable, highly stylish and absolutely vibrant choice any home should have. Whether you’re a work from home professional or a lover of the outdoors, the Designer Recliner Gaming Bean Bag is ideal for home offices, garden or gaming enthusiasts who want to blend eccentric comfort with gaming thrill.

A unique Aqua-TX cover fabric and water resistant makes the bean bag your ideal chair for outdoors whether on a relaxing garden party, cool picnic or BBQ with friends. It doesn’t matter what you’ve spilled on it; simply wipe it clean and take it inside the house when not using it.

The beauty of a bean bag such as the Designer Recliner Gaming Bean Bag is the assured support aided by its design. It comes with a high back, including a deep supportive and comforting bucket seat fit for every soul that wants to unwind. As you sit on the recliner bean bag it forms supportive arm rests on either side to make your cosy position comfy and tranquil.

Unique design engineered to perfection is the assurance of comfort in the Designer Recliner Gaming Bean Bag. The six panel design offers superior relaxation to ensure you’ve taken as many hours as you would want on the chair. Two stitched rows finish enhance the design style and definitive strength.

Virgin FreeFlow Polyester beads have been used to fill the bean bag and customized to make you feel comfortable while gaming for hours, watching a favourite TV series, working on your laptop projects or simply out there in the garden enjoying fresh air on a cosy chair. The ability to use it indoors and outdoors mean you can use it anywhere when you just want to chill out and lose yourself to comforting relaxation.

100cm tall, the Designer Recliner Gaming Bean Bag offer unmatched neck and back support yet very light to move about outdoors or indoors. With diverse hues to choose from, select the colour you love such as neutral colours like Navy or Slate Grey or bright and fun tones such as Orange and Lime Green, over 15 colours in total.  Most importantly, the bean bag arrives already filled with the recliner beans and made in the highest British Standards for Fire and Furniture Regulations.

In a nutshell, the Designer Recliner Gaming Bean Bag has a supportive high-back, large adult size, superb for gamers and those intending to sit for a long time, easy and simple to wipe clean.

Designer Recliner Gaming Bean Bag

Brown Faux Leather Extra Large Bean Bag

At the end of the day having a great looking chair to recline on and made of stylish faux leather and bean bag comfort, then you can relax and unwind doing what you love like gaming, reading a book, watching a movie or working on your laptop. The Brown Faux Leather Extra Large Bean Bag allows you to enjoy all these whether you place it in your little private space, home office or at the heart of the living room.

A chair that supports your frame, whether you’re young or older is most recommended. The bean bag is designed with great high back features to offer comfort even as you slide into the deep bucket-like seat. Back support is assured and as you sit on it seamless arm rests rise up on both sides of the chair for superb comfort as you sit to enjoy your precious time in peace.

Apart from guaranteeing total support and comfort, the bean bag is engineered using SuppleLux Leather cover fabric to allow you recline comfortably into the chair. In fact, the fabric is Resistex treated ensuring it’s fire retardant and very easy to clean and maintain.

At 118cm in height, 68cm deep and 68cm wide Brown Faux Leather Extra Large Bean Bag arrives filled with special FreeFlow beads that easily mould naturally taking the form of your body for unparalleled support and comfort, which is unlike any other type of chair you’ve used before.

The neck and back support are structured to enhance your unwinding experience and getting yourself a luxurious relaxation when you need it. Brown Faux Leather Extra Large Bean Bag is loved, tested and tried and guarantee affordable quality that has a realistic leather feel and look. Think of a high-end bean bag in appearance and durable without really being costly.

It’s never easy sitting for a long time on a chair without really getting tired and uncomfortable on your back. This faux leather bean bag makes you enjoy sitting down doing what you love in its big adult size whether you are thinking about gaming all day, watching TV for hours or simply reading for as much as you can throughout the weekend. The bean bag is a perfect gift idea for a person desiring a high-back support and a unique stylish statement for their home office or man-cave.

Brown Faux Leather Extra Large Bean Bag has fully complied with Fire and Furnishings BS5852 1988 Regulations.

Brown Faux Leather Extra Large Bean Bag

Natural Stone Jumbo Cord Bean Bag Snuggle Chair Plush Retro Corduroy Fabric

Shopping for a unique bean bag chair in your home with the softest features and style to match doesn’t have to be so tough with the Natural Stone Jumbo Cord Bean Bag Snuggle Chair Plush Retro Corduroy Fabric. It’s velvety soft to help you relax effortlessly without even trying. Retro look and chic style make the beautifully made classic bean bag to agree with any room it finds itself in around the home from your living room to your home office. Once you sit on the Cord Bean Bag, getting down to a quality read or hot coffee while listening to an uplifting podcast will never be that enthralling again.

Lovers of neutral tones will find the Natural Stone Jumbo Cord Retro Corduroy Fabric Bean Bag the ideal snuggle spot to add into their living space. It’s superbly made using oversized corduroy cover fabric and a fluffy highly soft texture makes it a special chair. The large retro bean bag is rounded and enhanced with double zips to bolster safety while the zip head on the outside has been covered to avoid scratching your delicate smooth floors.

Having a superbly designed bean bag chair is more than just what you see. The Natural Stone Jumbo Cord Bean Bag Snuggle Chair Plush Retro Corduroy Fabric comes with a FreeFlow technology on the inside allowing internal beads to easily move around freely. There’s nothing like a bean bag moulding itself seamlessly with your body shape and the Corduroy Cord bean bag takes this a step further by offering support armrest for impeccable bespoke relaxation.

Measuring 84cm wide, 84cm deep and 70cm high, the Cord Bean Bag is available in different tones from natural stone, purple heather to slate grey colours.  Whether your boys bash it in your home or your girls maximize it as a jumping target, the Cord Bean Bag is apt, sturdy, soft and comfortable enough to stick around for a while.

In a nutshell, the adult size Natural Stone Jumbo Cord Bean Bag Snuggle Chair Plush Retro Corduroy Fabric also works for children in the home and strut a luxury fabric in a retro design to ensure its stylish design and comfort is value for money.

Natural Stone Jumbo Cord Bean Bag Snuggle Chair Plush Retro Corduroy Fabric

Ravioli Giant Cushion Soft Bean Bag

Having a unique Ravioli Giant Cushion Soft Bean Bag comes with its share of perks. The giant bean bag is 135cm wide and 135cm long with slight variations in size if any. It means you’ve a quality and long comfortable chair you can form into any deep seat or lying surface to catch up with friends, read a book or just get down to some other rewarding escapade. Ravioli Giant Bean Bag is safe for use at home having complied with fire safety BS5852 standards and has been labelled as required.

It comes with a fantastic top design and quality with two layers to ensure no beans will leak at any given time. Wonderful and comfortable, the Ravioli Giant Cushion Soft Bean Bag is a sturdy choice, soft and great to touch. The colour you choose is what you get and match the image online while the build quality and cosiness are hard to price. The giant bean bag is perfectly big for any adult to snuggle comfortably, but not inconveniently huge to take up lots of space in your house.

If you’ve matching furnishings, the neutral colours will bring out the best of the living space while offering you a warm and lovely fabric to get cosy on.  Thick corduroy ensures you’ve a durable bean bag for those moments you just want to relax.

Any home deserves affordable, casual and highly comfortable chairs and bean bags such as the Ravioli Giant Cushion Soft Bean Bag, which meet this need perfectly. The bean bag fits any room and can be used by anyone in the home from children to adults. If you’re thinking adventurous and eccentric, the Ravioli bean bag is naturally a soft choice refilled effectively to offer the support you need while allowing you to just sink in and relax.

Having a lovely informal and fun seating is as good as getting yourself an Ocean Cord bean bag. Those who work at home can use the bean bag to just take some time off the computer and get ideas coming as they lie down and relax their body and mind.

The Ravioli Giant Cushion Soft Bean Bag is also a unique décor enhancer and makes a huge statement about your unique style. Simply contrast, add a unique design to your living space or pop it up with a giant Ravioli soft bean bag.

Ravioli Giant Cushion Soft Bean Bag

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