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Large Silver Crushed Velvet Fabric Diamante Ottoman Storage Box

Large Silver Crushed Velvet Fabric Diamante Ottoman Storage Box

This crushed velvet storage box will add a real touch of luxury to the bedroom. Covered in crushed velvet with diamante studs, it’s also a practical way to keep rooms tidy. The crushed velvet storage box is large enough for bedding and toys and comes ready built. It makes a lovely decorative piece and can also provide additional seating if needed.

Luxurious storage

The Large Silver Crushed Velvet Fabric Diamante Ottoman Storage Box is a truly elegant way to keep rooms free of clutter. It is covered in crushed velvet for a luxurious look and feels and finished off with diamante studs. The top is padded and the inside is fabric lined, and it is delivered ready assembled. It makes a lovely stand-alone piece in any room of the house.

Useful storage space

The ottoman has many uses around the home. It can be used in a bedroom for storing sheets and blankets, or in a child’s room for storing toys. It can hold shoes and can even be used in a conservatory for holding boots and small gardening implements. It is also quite strong so can be used as a seat but be careful how much weight you put on top of it. The ottoman is a lovely way to fill a bay window as a pleasant way to sit and watch the world go by.

Features and Specs

Crushed velvet with diamante studs
Hinged lid
Fabric lining inside
Storage for toys, bedding or shoes
Can be used as additional seating
Ready built
Dimensions: 40″ x 18″ x 14″

Customer reviews and scores

Most reviews on Amazon say just how lovely and strong the Large Silver Crushed Velvet Fabric Diamante Ottoman Storage Box is. It is a strong and sturdy piece of furniture which looks simply gorgeous, no matter where in the house it is used. It is larger than expected and has been used for holding items ranging from baby goods to shoes. It is an expensive looking item which comes highly recommended.


This lovely crushed velvet storage box not only looks beautiful, but it has many uses around the home. The velvet and diamante finish make it look very elegant and it is strong and sturdy to hold all household objects. It comes ready assembled so all you have to do is decide where you want it, with no building. For a great selection of velvet and wooden ottoman storage boxes as well as crushed velvet storage box, visit Furniture Online UK!