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Baumhaus Mobel Oak Wine Rack Lamp Table

Baumhaus Mobel Oak Wine Rack Lamp Table Review

Every home deserves to have a quality wine rack that adds something extra to the surroundings and perhaps even accentuates it even further. The Baumhaus Mobel Oak Wine Rack Lamp Table is the kind of wine rack you?d like to look into.

Solid oak crafted

It's not easy to argue with any furniture made of solid oak. In most cases it speaks for itself. The contemporary superb large solid oak wine rack and lamp table is exceptionally designed and perfectly crafted to be useful and beautiful at the same time. In itself the Baumhaus Mobel Oak Wine Rack Lamp Table offers the best storage of the 16 bottles of your most precious wine. Its a versatile item and will look stunning in any dining room, living room or even the kitchen. For some extra spacious storage, the wine rack has an additional drawer in a furniture that has a groove back and hardwood tongue. The drawer joints are dovetailed with the sides panelled to add some much needed design detail. The handles of the drawers are brushed two-tone steel made with the wine rack completed in a resilient lacquered satin finish.

Specs and features

  • Arrives heavy duty packaged
  • Solidly constructed and hardly need any assembly
  • Zero veneers used in its crafting
  • Lacquered satin finish
  • Two-tone brushed steel drawer handles
  • Panelled sides
  • Dovetailed drawer joints
  • Hardwood tongue, drawer inners and groove back
  • Eco-friendly
  • Solid oak made
  • Versatile wine rack
  • Internal drawer dimensions are 7cm height, width 36.5cm and a depth of 30.5cm
  • Overall wine rack dimensions include 75cm in height, width of 53cm and a depth of 40cm

Ratings and scores

The wine rack has been rated on Amazon and holds a 5.0-star rating out of a possible five stars. Customers consider it a lovely designer, superbly contemporary wine rack and lamp table, quality piece of furniture and very solid wine rack.


The Baumhaus Mobel Oak Wine Rack Lamp Table comes highly rated and we believe you'd love to check it out. For a selection of quality oak wine racks, browse Furniture UK now!Save