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Baumhaus Mobel Oak Hidden Home Office

Baumhaus Mobel Oak Hidden Home Office Review

Sometimes a hidden home office is best to save space and keep your work private and secure from unwanted attention. With the Baumhaus Mobel Oak Hidden Home Office you just might have got what you are looking for.

Innovative desk

The Baumhaus Mobel Oak Hidden Home Office is a very innovative and perfectly designed workstation and computer desk made to keep all PC equipment you own hidden. The keyboard drawer is a pullout type, with the desktop also pulling out to provide a great 43cm working space. Cupboard is a left handed one with a nice towel unit measuring 42cm in height, 48cm in depth and 22cm in width, including an A4 type of paper shelf that?s removable. The modem and router will be held in the open shelves around the centre with the shelves towards the right best for hiding and holding a scanner and a printer. The home office is made from top quality solid oak with hardwood drawer inners and back. No veneers have been used while for design detail the sides are panelled. Drawers feature dovetail joints with a groove and tongue back and steel handles that have been brushed. Also features a lacquered resilient satin finish.

Features and specs

  • Heavy duty type of packaging
  • Brushed steel kinds of handles
  • Satin resilient lacquered finish
  • Drawer joints dovetailed
  • Design detail panelled sides
  • Furniture piece solidly constructed
  • No assembly needed
  • Solid oak made
  • No veneers used
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Desk overall measures 80cm in height, 108.6cm width and 55cm depth

Reviews, scores and ratings from verified buyers

The Baumhaus Mobel Oak Hidden Home Office has been reviewed 15 times in Amazon and has a rating of 4.5 stars out of five. Customers describe it as excellent as described, definitely recommended, heavy and great, everything fits nicely, practical and lovely looking.


A highly recommended by Furniture UK and verified purchasers, the Baumhaus Mobel Oak Hidden Home Office is worth looking into. For a great selection of hidden computer desks, browse Furniture Online UK!Save