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Baby Vivo Playpen with Door

Baby Vivo Playpen with Door

The Baby Vivo Playpen with Door has a total of twelve sides, so the size can be altered. It is easy to assemble and the plastic panels have rounded edges to protect your child. The door can be locked for added safety and it can be used anywhere in the home or outside in the garden.


The playpen has a total of twelve sides. It can be made as one large pen if you want one or more children to play for a while. If you are traveling or only need to keep your child occupied in a smaller room, it can be built with fewer pieces. The panels can also be made into a barrier so you can prevent children from getting into areas of the house which may not be safe for them.

Keeps children safe

The design of this playpen will make sure that your children are safe so that you can get on with housework or other chores. The panels are all plastic and clip together so that little fingers can’t undo them. The door has a safety lock so they cannot get out and one panel features an activity centre to help keep them occupied. The Baby Vivo Playpen with Door can be used anywhere around the home and is a safe place for children to play in the garden.

Features and Specs

Children’s playpen
Can be used as a child’s barrier
Easy to assemble
Rounded corners for safety
12 small sided elements in vibrant colours
Safety door
One side with integrated toy
Manufactured and tested according to EN 71

Customer reviews and scores

Customers have been very satisfied with their purchase of this playpen. It can be split in to two smaller pens or is perfect for adults to play inside with children as well. It has room for lots of toys and it is strong and sturdy. The panels can be altered so it can change shape, which keeps a child interested, and is perfect for leaving a child to play for a few minutes without supervision.


This is a pretty playpen which can be made smaller if needed. Children love the colors and the activity centre and for adults, it provides a safe space to leave small children if you have to leave them for a few minutes. It clips easily together and the sides are tough so children can pull themselves up and walk.