Autumn Long Point Exhibition -17 Years of Pure British Quality Furniture Display

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The Autumn Long Point exhibition will be running from 12th of September to the 14th, 2016 starting from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon everyday in the Long Eaton area.  Known brands such as Parker Knoll and Duresta have exhibited their freshest collections over the years in the 17-year-old trade event that takes place in the Long Eaton region showrooms. Some of the most creative, finest and high quality top designed UK manufactured upholstery is on display.

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As a registered mark purposely for the display and exhibition, the Long Point autumn event is organized by Long Eaton Guild and brings together some of the finest UK made furniture. Guild members do put up a show of their own ranges as well. Essentially, the Long Point trade show is an open event with every type of interior and retail designers, genuine ones, welcome to showcase in the event. Nonetheless, you need to have a businesses card to prove you're a business prior to being allowed entry into the showroom.

Long Eaton Guild

Long Eaton Guild has been sponsoring and organising the Long Eaton Guild exhibition events for 17 years running. In the trade-only exhibition, only the top furniture manufacturers providing the highest quality and standards are allowed to display their furniture wares. In each exhibition, imported products are limited and only a small number of them are allowed in the event, as far as their quality is sufficient and one of a kind.

Long Eaton Guild is made up of 11 different companies spread across Nottinghamshire in Long Eaton. Their furniture is made via hand and top quality supplied to diverse independent retails, interior designers and national multiples.

The Long Eaton Guild furniture companies are also involved in exporting their wares to different areas around the world and are highly considered wherever they're sold internationally. The group of companies seeks to work together in maintaining top proficiency standards while continuing to develop and support skill mastery of their trade for the future. Their commitment to keep consumers aware of quality furniture made in Britain is unparalleled.

In fact, Long Eaton is famous for its illustrious history of creating top bespoke and unique English furniture. Every company in the Guild is proud to create handcrafted unique and individual pieces to be appreciated, enjoyed and admired by every discerning buyer out there.

From contemporary to very traditional pieces, the Long Eaton Guild as depicted in the Autumn/Spring exhibitions has design at the centre of each piece produced by all the members. Each exhibitor has to consider function and form, empathy and aesthetics, beauty and lifestyle. For each furniture piece made, each Long Eaton Guild member takes a thorough considered approach.

Right from a sofa or chair's skeletal construction using the best and top quality wood to the nature of the upholstery finish, none of the furniture pieces facet can be ignored. This means retailers and customers are able to select from a furniture range of uniquely designed pieces or simply considered bespoke services.

Top Exhibitors

The Autumn Long Point exhibition's weight is on the type of exhibitors on display. The kind of furniture and its quality that has been showcased for 17 years is worth every attendee's time if they take their time to appear at the autumn event.

Artistic Upholstery Limited is one of the globally recognised exhibitors, a family run third generation business providing top contemporary and traditional upholstery, including their own label top designs and one-off commissions.

The company displays from different permanent showrooms along Harrington Mills and Bridge Street. Wiemann is another exhibitor who has won the Best Overseas Manufacturer of the Year for three years voted by Interior Monthly magazine readers.  The company has now established a permanent Long Eaton base for the autumn event and has showrooms across Essex.

Ercol has been around since 1920, founded by Lucian Ercolani and remains a family owned brand that offers timeless, top quality combined pared down furniture designs of superb functionality. Baker Furniture exhibits at the autumn event as well, including at the Little Tree Furniture and Portobello new dining range.

David Gundry Fine Upholstery also showcases and offers attendees a glass of champagne as they sample and view diverse fabulous pieces and fabrics. Duresta also feature and prides to have provided Pure English Luxury since 1938 with latest fabrics and new models on display.

Others include Gascoigne Designs whose creative flair design and craftsmanship is obvious, Henderson Russell, Iain James Furniture, John Sankey, Parker & Farr, Peter Guild, Steed Upholstery, The David Knight Collection, Wade Upholstery, Siren, Alexander & James and Parker Knoll, Celebrity, Alstons, Cintique among others.

The success of the 17-year old furniture exhibition has been reinforced by the quality of the exhibitors, who also represent some of the most successful furniture suppliers across the UK and internationally.


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