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Auralum Bathroom Mixer Shower Set with Square 8″ Shower Head

Auralum Bathroom Mixer Shower Set with Square 8″ Shower Head

An upgraded quality model, the Auralum bathroom mixer shower set with square 8” shower head is among the best within its category. Still relatively affordable, this shower set combines everything you’ll need for a pleasant and thorough shower session. It looks elegant and stylish, and far more expensive than it actually is. The square design repeats itself for both the spray head and the rainfall shower head, and the quality is consistently the same.

The bulk of the set is made out of brass, with thick chrome finish on top, whereas the shower heads are made of plastic and then additionally protected with chrome. All in all, it will endure the test of time, unless you have some serious mold issues that might corrode the surface.

Very pragmatic

The set can be attached to all standard connections, and pairs with both hot and cold water systems. It is easy to install and provides a lot of convenience.

The zinc alloy handle will switch between the two types of shower, keeping the same water pressure running.
The rainfall shower head provides a satisfying stream of water, with all of the small nozzles spraying evenly. It measures 20 cm x 20 cm, as compared to the 8 cm x 8 cm for the spray head.

The spray head is angled perfectly, and the rainfall attachment is adjustable as opposed to most of the fixed models. This gives you a satisfying shower regardless of how you prefer the running water. Compared to similar models from the same design and price category, the gush of water is much more satisfying.

Elegant and decorative

Most of the shower sets you’ll find, that are sold within the same price range, seem to neglect design. Here, however, there is a nice cohesive blend between all the movable parts. Needless to say, this makes the model deceitfully more expensive than it actually is. The square design is accompanied by rectangular, sharp-edge consistency, and it kind of looks perfect. It is sturdy and heavy, and will definitely last longer than expected. Included in the price is a lifetime warranty as well.

Specs and features:

Double shower set
Rainfall shower head 20 cm x 20 cm
Spray shower head 8 cm x 8 cm
1.5 m flexible and reinforced hose
1 m fixed rail
Elegant and attractive design
Water saving function
Angle adjustable rainfall shower head
Easy to clean (small black rubber nozzles embedded)
Easy to install
Relatively affordable
Super convenient
Materials: Solid brass, plastic, chrome

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

Over 50 reviews are available on Amazon UK, and we have also a lot of positive feedback from our own customers. Needless to say, the reception for this model is very positive. Some customers complain for the lack of a thermostat, but that’s another model that people probably mistakenly replace this one with. So overall, there is a very positive customer feedback.


If you need a double shower set, including both a rainfall head and a convenient spray head, this is one of the best models available. It is attractively designed, provides a satisfying flow of water, and an angle adjustable rainfall shower head which is quite a rarity in these wall-mounted models. The quality and durability are well above the average, so don’t hesitate when placing your order. Definitely recommended!