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Atacama Nexus 6i Speaker Stands Black Set of 2

Atacama Nexus 6i Speaker Stands Black Set of 2

The Atacama Nexus 6i Speaker Stands Black Set of 2 are award winning stands which provide a safe place to hold your speakers. Made from heavy steel, they are strong and stable and designed to blend into any room. Easy to assemble they are slim so they don’t use up too much space.

Keep speakers safe

This pair of stands helps to keep your speakers off the floor and in a safe place. They will hold speakers securely so they are not knocked about, and they will sit in a corner of the room out of the way. The color and style match any room and the stands are a nice way to keep your speakers in a lounge or bedroom as they are not too large.

Strong construction

The Atacama Nexus 6i Speaker Stands Black Set of 2 is made from steel so they are strong to withstand knocks, meaning your speakers don’t get damaged. The center column is designed to be filled with Atabites which help to weight it down so the stand won’t topple over. The bottom of each stand has carpet spikes which hold it firmly in place and they come with a cable management system so you can tuck cables out of the way.

Features and Specs

Award-winning speaker stands
Keeps speakers safe
Don’t take up much room
Comes as a pair
4mm thick steel top plate
Carpet spikes to keep it stable
Dimensions: 60cm x 25cm x30cm

Customer reviews and scores

Putting a lot of pressure on the stands can make them wobble, but if the middle column is filled with atabites they are sturdy and reliable. They raise speakers away from the floor and dust to a good height which helps listeners to fully appreciate their music and give better clarity to stereo and surround sound. While not the best looking stands, they are still quite stylish and the cable management helps keep them looking neat too.


The simple design of these speakers is also stylish and makes it easy to get the best possible sound when listening to music. They are easy to assemble and although they don’t need support, the center column can be filled with Atabites for extra stability. The height means you get the best sound for any style of music and there are no cables to fall over as this can be tucked neatly inside the grooves on each speaker.