Aspen Painted Sage Grey 2 Drawer Oak Coffee Table With Shelf

Aspen Painted Sage Grey 2 Drawer Oak Coffee Table With Shelf

I’m a diehard fan of vintage looking furniture that’s been designed to fit a super contemporary style. Glad to have found one that’s premium quality and still affordable considering how high these items usually go in sophisticated furniture shops around the country. The Aspen painted sage grey 2 drawer oak coffee table with shelf, is now the centerpiece of our living room. We live in a small apartment, and it certainly stands out.

Lovely design

It looks custom made, and really expensive. The inlaid side panels, the drawers’ handles, the protective lacquer coat on top, and the color… everything is millimeter perfect, and fits the vintage design narrative. It’s great how they’ve kept convenience with such a focus on design. It’s small enough to fit into your living room, and blend into the furniture setup, but large enough to provide extra storage, and leave you with an impression of a sturdy, heavy, and nicely balanced table.

Quite convenient

The hard painted lacquer finish will protect this Aspen painted sage grey 2 drawer oak coffee table with shelf for decades to come, and when you consider how living room tables are used day in and day out, and often exposed to water, food, sharp accessories etc., this makes all the difference.

Otherwise, you have lots of shelf space, and two drawers that – hear this – open from both sides- which is super convenient if you ask me.

Features and specs:

  • Premium quality oak and oak veneers
  • Hard painted lacquer finish that looks great and protects the wood
  • Dovetail drawers
  • Lots of shelf space
  • Spacious drawers that open from both ends
  • Sophisticated design and color tone
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Millimeter perfect
  • Dimensions – W110cm x H50cm x D60cm

Customer reviews and scores

People are happy with how solid this table is, and how sophisticated it looks. You’d find reviews on the net saying it’s premium quality, which is why my friend and I decided to buy, and lots of guests have been complimenting it ever since.


If you need a premium quality coffee table for your living room, as well as a durable piece of furniture that looks amazing this is definitely your choice. Compared to other similar items from expensive furniture shops around the country, this one is on the affordable end. It is smooth, offers lots of storage space, and super convenient for a small or bigger living room alike.

Author: Jenny

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