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Anglepoise Type75 Floor Lamp Silver [Energy Class A+]

Anglepoise Type75 Floor Lamp Silver [Energy Class A+]

The Anglepoise Type75 Floor Lamp Silver is a traditional anglepoise lamp in a lovely silver. It has 2 moving arms to get the light focussed in the right place and uses energy saving bulbs. The switch is halfway down the stem so it is easy to reach and the lamp has a heavy base to keep it stable.

Home or office

The lamp is very useful in the home or in the office. It is ideal for studying or for craftwork, as it can be angled perfectly to focus the light just where you need it. In the lounge it makes a lovely reading light as it does not take up too much room and creates a nice bright area. It doesn’t look out of place in an office, and as the head can be moved around, it can be used for paperwork or for computer work.

Easy to use

The lamp is very easy to use with a switch halfway up the stem. The lamp is operated with a simple switch which turns it on and off. It is lightweight and slim so it can be moved and it is easily tucked in a corner or behind a chair. The base is heavy which keeps the lamp stable, no matter how far the arm is moved and the lamp is easy to assemble. It can be used with an energy efficient bulb which also makes it a low cost lamp to run.

Features and Specs

Anglepoise reading lamp
For home or office use
Heavy base
Aluminium pole and arms with stainless steel fittings
Smooth, multi-angle movements
Energy efficient, fitted with a powerful 15 Watt CFL bulb

Customer reviews and scores

The Anglepoise Type75 Floor Lamp – Silver suits most rooms and provides a nice light for reading by. It is easy to put together and the bulb supplied is convenient when setting it up. It is easy to move to get the right angle so that you have light where you want it and it has a good reach when stretched out. It is good value for money and customers say it is a lovely looking lamp.


This classic anglepoise lamp give good light which can be angled to focus it. It looks good in the home and an office and it is easy to assemble and easy to adjust. Its slim design means it doesn’t take up a lot of room and heavy base keeps it stable.