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Anglepoise Type Jasmine White Floor Lamp

Anglepoise Type Floor Lamp Jasmine White Review

Once you have your home office done and everything set the next step is ensuring you don't work around in dark surroundings or lack enough light to give your best. With proper home workspace lighting working late nights, early mornings and setting your office in dark corners of the home won't be a problem. A floor lamp worth checking out is the Anglepoise Type Floor Lamp in Jasmine White.

Elegant and adjustable

The Anglepoise Type Floor Lamp Jasmine White home workspace addition brings together top quality features and fittings in a floor configuration that's also quite flexible. Also, adjustable, the floor lamp is made up of smooth lines and is the perfect solution either for general illumination or task lighting. Great for focusing light where its required most.


  • Great reading and working lamp
  • Backed by 8 decades of expertise and engineering
  • Features stainless steel fittings
  • Arms and pole made of aluminium
  • Heavy base
  • Multiangled, smooth and balanced movements
  • Energy efficient engineering
  • Fitted with 15-Watt CFL type of bulb
  • Weighs 6 kilograms
  • 60 watts compatible max wattage
  • 1 light
  • 240 volts voltage
  • Adjustable light direction
  • 50.5cm by 31.2cm by 17cm dimensions
  • A+ EU energy efficiency label
  • 2700 Kelvin colour temperature
  • 6,000 hours average life

Scores, reviews, and ratings from verified buyers

The Anglepoise Type Floor Lamp Jasmine White has been rated 4.4 stars on Amazon by 24 verified purchasers. Buyers term it an excellent lamp, movable as desired, very good quality, beautiful lamp, very happy with it, stylish, well built and powerful light.


Lots of satisfied verified buyers love the Anglepoise Type Floor Lamp Jasmine White home workspace lamp. It's worth checking out to bring focused light to your home office.