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Andrew James Adjustable Daylight Simulating Floor Lamp

Andrew James Adjustable Daylight Simulating Floor Lamp

The Andrew James Adjustable Daylight Simulating Floor Lamp is very useful for winter and creates a good light to read by as well. The neck is very easy to move to position in the right place and the lamp is very useful for the elderly or people with limited vision.

Daylight simulating

The bulb is designed to create the effect of natural daylight. This helps those with Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise called the winter blues. It helps to reduce headaches and eyestrain and it makes a good alternative to a main light. The bulb stays cool so you don’t get too hot and it has a high flicker rate which helps with concentration, so you can sew or read for longer.

Good design

The Andrew James Adjustable Daylight Simulating Floor Lamp is a slim design which can fit behind beds and chairs so you get the full effect of the light. It has a goose neck which is very easy to alter and move so the light can shine exactly where you need it. The bulb itself has a lifespan of 8,000 hours, so you can be sure that you get good value from it.

Features and Specs

Adjustable goose neck floor lamp
Natural daylight lamp
Over 8,000 hours of light from a single light bulb
Ideal for reading, hobbies, craftwork and even general room lighting.
A high flicker rate which doesn't strain your eyes
Spare light bulb is included with the lamp.
2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Customer reviews and scores

The lamp is more effective than normal lamps, creating extra brightness which does not strain the eyes. It helps with tasks which require concentration such as sewing and embroidery and it really does feel like daylight. It is easy to assemble and the heavy base makes it a reliable and sturdy lamp. Those with eye problems have found it particularly beneficial and it helps them to read easier than they could before.


This daylight simulation lamp helps ease headaches and eyestrain caused by normal lamplight. The effect of daylight can also lighten the mood during winter and the lamp makes it easier to perform any task. The bulb itself stays cool so you can have the lamp closer if you need it and this is an excellent choice for the elderly or for people who suffer depression during winter months.