Andrew James Adjustable Daylight Simulating Floor Lamp

Get brilliant value for money with the easy to assemble Andrew James Adjustable Daylight Simulating Light Floor Lamp. The 27w bulb runs cool so it doesn't heat up those in its proximity, while the free spare bulb gives you extra peace of mind in the product. The high flicker rate of the bulb makes it ideal for concentrating on delicate tasks like stitching and painting, while the light is also perfect for reading. The bulb mimics natural daylight to help reduced headaches and eye strain – place it in the bedroom for soft, ambient light, or use it as an alternative to the main light in the living room. The goose neck makes the product super easy to position and manoeuvre, making it ideal for the elderly and those with limited vision. With a lifespan of 8,000 hours, the bulb is designed to give exceptional performance and value for money. A free two year warranty that doesn't require registration also lets you buy with complete confidence in the product. About Andrew James Andrew James is a family-owned manufacturer and online retailer. The company was founded in 2005 by two cousins, when their passion for family dinner parties inspired them to start a business supplying unique and innovative kitchen and home gadgets. After achieving success with their first product – the ‘raclette' grill – the cousins went on to add more and more fantastic products to the Andrew James range, and the company now stocks over 700 different appliances, tools, gadgets and accessories. No longer limited to the kitchen, Andrew James also supplies pet products, home accessories, sports and fitness products and garden equipment – visit the Andrew James shop to see the full range! Save Save

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