Alphason San Diego Workstation Beech Effect

Alphason San Diego Workstation Beech Effect Review Every workstation needs to have a proper working surface and enough storage. Many actually provide very little storage sections on a desk and the effect is cluttering the working surface that should be as clean as possible. At your home office you can actually go for furniture that actually gets you more storage space, extra working space and great even for the limited of spaces. The Alphason San Diego Workstation Beech Effect is a great choice worth checking out. Great storage and innovatively crafted The Alphason San Diego Workstation Beech Effect is actually a wonderful utility work centre that provides great storage options, particularly for rooms with very limited spaces. It includes a raised shelf for the computer monitor for better posture and positioning. Also includes a large area for working on, great for reading or writing. The workstation also includes a drawer and cupboard, keyboard sliding shelf, extra shelving as well as storage for items such as CDs and DVDs. It also provides enough leg room and features a beech effect. Specifications and features

  • Measures 93cm in height, 60cm in depth and 142cm in width
  • Beech effect
  • Offers enough leg room
  • Extra storage shelving for diverse items
  • Drawer and cupboard
  • Keyboard sliding shelf
  • Large working area surface
  • Monitor shelf raised for better posture and positioning
  • 58 kilogram shipping weight

  Scores, reviews and ratings from verified buyers The Alphason San Diego Workstation Beech Effect has already been reviewed 33 times in Amazon and has a 4.5 star rating out of a possible five. Customers describe it as a great desk, perfect for home studio set up, faultless, ideal desk, super desk, well made, good design, useful workstation, great quality and easy to assemble. Conclusion The Alphason San Diego Workstation Beech Effect is a well recommended home office workstation worth adding today due to its immense features. Furniture UK reccomended product!

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