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8 Inch Traditional Fixed Rainfall Shower Head Stainless Steel

8 Inch Traditional Fixed Rainfall Shower Head Stainless Steel

Probably the single most elegant model, this 8-inch traditional fixed rainfall brass shower head is a sight to behold. Featuring a classic and timeless design, the performance is surprisingly satisfying. Treating yourself with a massaging rainfall, so finely grained and evenly distributed can now become a routine.
The model includes a 10-year warranty, and it is really not surprising to see why. Made from durable stainless steel, and covered with a thick chrome finish, the shower head is virtually indestructible. Decades might pass, and it is very likely that the model would look the same.

Cleaning is super easy, considering the anti-limescale nozzles, and the performance is more than satisfying regardless of the water pressure (the higher than better though).

Design that commands attention

Compared to other models from the same price category, this one looks much more sophisticated. It perfectly embodies the traditional design concept, while benefiting from modern manufacturing technology. If you want to have a classic item in your bathroom, and one that is also reliable when measured against modern standards, no better option exists. But much of it is geared towards better user experience as opposed to looks alone. The edge around the head is there to protect against spillage, providing a consistent rainfall.

Unmatched performance and durability

The 10-year warranty is enough to convince you about the quality of this model. It is rather heavy for an item of this size, which translates into more material being used for the built – over 1 Kg of weight as opposed to similar models that have around 400-500 grams.The chrome finish will protect the surface for decades on end, and clogging is easily fixed by removing the limescale from the nozzles with a simple swipe.

The fittings are anti-corrosive and tight, and the head can be wall or ceiling mounted.
As for performance, it is more than satisfying. With a 20 cm diameter, the shower head can dispense a lot of water if your water pressure allows, giving you the best shower that you ever had.

Specs and features:

Solid stainless steel
Thick chrome finish
Classic and timeless design
Unmatched performance
10-year warranty
Anti-corrosive watertight fittings
15 degree tilt-swivel head
Easy to clean anti-limescale nozzles
Relatively affordable
20 cm diameter

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

Over 20 reviews are available on Amazon UK, and these are from verified buyers. Overall, the reception is very positive, with two or three bad reviews due to pipe fitting issues. People are really satisfied with the flow of water, and the unmatched performance.


If you want a shower head that is elegant, attractive and commands attention, no better option exists. This model will provide unmatched performance, thanks to the 20 cm diameter disc and the quality of design and manufacturing. Made of solid stainless steel and finished with shiny chrome, it will decorate your bathroom for years to come. Backed by a 10-year warranty, and reasonably affordable, it is perhaps the best option available on the market. Most highly recommended! For a selection of quality rainfall shower heads online, browse Furnitire UK!


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