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4 Panel White Wicker Screen Room Divider

4 Panel White Wicker Screen Room Divider

Create your own space with the 4 Panel White Wicker Screen Room Divider. The white colour is light and bright and it suits any colour scheme. The screen folds flat when not in use and when folded out it is sturdy. The construction is hand woven, creating an individual piece for every home.

Elegance everywhere

These partitions are hand-made so everyone is slightly different. It has a wooden frame which has bonded paper woven around it. This makes it strong enough to be moved around the home whenever you need to. The pattern is stylish and modern, yet the room divider creates a lovely classic feel wherever it is used. The 4 panels are lightweight and can be positioned to create the space you need.

Divider or sunshield

The 4 Panel White Wicker Screen Room Divider can be used in any room about the home. It makes a perfect changing area in a bedroom, and in smaller houses can even be used between beds to create an area of privacy. Rooms can be divided to create a dining area or relaxation area and the screen can also be used to protect items from the sun.

Features and Specs

4 panel room divider
Handwoven screen
Bonded paper with wooden frame
Creates privacy anywhere
Lightweight and easy to move
Dimensions: Height 1.7m, panel width 40cm.

Customer reviews and scores

While some customers describe the 4 Panel White Wicker Screen Room Divider as flimsy, others are more than happy with how strong this room divider is. It is easy to move and can be used for hiding household items and as a space to change behind. The style is modern and lovely and it suits both home and business environments.


This room divider creates a lively bright space, whether it’s used for dividing a room or as a changing area. It is easy to move and easy to position, so you can use it for so many reasons. The construction is stylish and strong and it is ideal for larger homes and smaller homes alike.

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