3 Drawer White Steel Filing Cabinet

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3 Drawer White Steel Filing Cabinet Review When you?re thinking about foolscap filing great for your home office chances are the best is what you seek. The 3 Drawer White Steel Filing Cabinet is a great choice made exactly to meet these needs. With zero assembly needed you?re actually getting a filing cabinet you can actually use immediately.


Steel cabinets One of the strengths of the 3 Drawer White Steel Filing Cabinet is that you?re getting a flush fronted type of steel cabinet. It has been built with lasting in mind; feature a construction that has been fully welded as well as a double front skin drawer. It comes in two, three, four and five drawer versions great for any foolscap filing. Full access to the drawer contents is allowed by a 100 percent drawer extension. The heavy-duty, smooth action roller ball bearing types of slides come with a 15-year guarantee. Bolting units together is possible and features a safety anti-tilt type of mechanism. The filing cabinet is also lockable particularly with its two sets of keys and its three drawers will come in handy. Features and specs

  • Arrives already assembled
  • Product measures 1015mm in height, 470mm in width and 620mm in depth
  • Three drawer filing cabinet
  • Anti-tilt type of safety mechanism
  • Two key lockable
  • Great for foolscap filing
  • Fully welded design
  • Drawer front double skin
  • Flush fronted steel cabinet


Scores, ratings and reviews from verified buyers The 3 Drawer White Steel Filing Cabinet has been heavily reviewed and rated by verified buyers on the web, including 18 reviews in Amazon where the cabinet also holds a 4.9 star rating out of five stars. ÿMost verified buyers describe it as a great long draw cabinet, sturdy, opens smoothly, great buy, and smart, well made with a lockable key function. Conclusion Highly rated 3 Drawer White Steel Filing Cabinet you definitely need to check out.

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