1home Glass Top Oak Cross Base Dining Table

1home Glass Top Oak Cross Base Dining Table w/ 6 8 Leather Chairs Room Furniture 200cm

This Cross base Oak table is one luxury-looking, dining furniture that comes at an unexpected price, given its quality of manufacture. The base is made out of top quality Oak veneer, using real oak which is hard to find in this price category. You can comfortably sit up to 8 people, and the shape of the base adds extra leg-space which really makes the table feel quite larger.

Looks very expensive

Partially, this is due to its contemporary design, which looks stunning, especially when properly lid from above. This table is going to decorate your dining area like a gallery exhibit item. Two of our friends have already ordered one, and my sister in law refuses to believe me about the price. The reason why this table looks so stunning is mainly because of the quality of the base, and the Oak that looks so natural as if it was handcrafted.

Top quality glass

Attached with the help of three metal discs (one larger and two smaller ones), the top glass feels very balanced and sturdy. It is a heavy piece of glass, that perfectly fits the design concept of the base. All in all, the glass just adds to the quality look of the table. I love that it’s polished and has its edges shaped, which adds safety. Having two kids around the house really emphasizes the importance of this.

Features and specs:

  • Dimensions: length-200, width- 100, height- 77 (centimeters)
  • Quality real Oak Veneer
  • Heavy and sturdy glass that’s shaped and polished on the edges
  • Contemporary design
  • Adjustable legs hidden underneath

Customer reviews and specs:

The 1home Glass Top Oak Cross Base Dining Table has 25 reviews on Amazon, all of which are positive. Customers love the expensive look of the table more than anything, and the extra leg-space adds additional comfort as many of them agree. It’s important to add that the assembly is a two-person job, due to how heavy the base, along with the glass top is.


The 1home glass top Oak table is a really stunning piece of furniture, which can decorate any living room for a modern and expensive look. The natural oak color perfectly complements the stylish glass top, and the base design looks really outside of this price rage.

Author: Janet B.

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