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Bedroom Planning – How to Make Your Bedroom into What You Want  Planning your bedroom and having the bedroom furniture in the right place as well as other room accessories is not always easy. The bedroom can be narrow, small, long or even spacious and how you lay it out depends on what you have… Read the full article

  At Furniture UK, we understand the importance of choosing the correct bed. It can add dimension to and complement the existing style of a modern bedroom. A bed unsuited to your room can look out of place and can detract from the overall effect of the room. A good quality wooden bed will provide… Read the full article

  Until the 19th Century, bedrooms were considered to be a luxury; however, due to the change in society and increased prosperity, separate bedrooms became the norm in most homes. In the current day and age, bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in the home, and although the furnishings of bedrooms haven’t changed… Read the full article

  If you want to have that all-important good night’s sleep time and time again, one of the first places to look will be your mattress. If you purchase a mattress that is of a decent quality now, you are likely to have it for as long as a decade, which will save you the… Read the full article

  Furniture made for children is not a recent invention. Examples of children’s furniture have survived from earlier historical periods.  The most varied of these tend to be chairs, with the oldest preserved chairs dating from the late 16th century or early 17th century. The oldest known example of a low chair dates from the… Read the full article

  The functions of bedside cabinets have altered significantly since the days when they were used as a place to store chamber pots! Now, most people use bedside cabinets to store personal items or anything they may need during the night. Common items include reading glasses, a mobile phone, an alarm clock and a glass… Read the full article

  Irrespective of the particular product, there is no denying that proper care of it will not only prolong its life but will also keep it in the pristine condition you love to see and which makes it a valued part of your home. Many people, including us, tend to see that proper furniture care… Read the full article

  A brief history Eighteenth century France is where the first dressing tables originated from. Women wrapped their cosmetic items in linen before storing them in dressing tables. Where is a dressing table used? Women have traditionally had their dressing tables placed in the bedroom or another special dressing area. This allows them to do… Read the full article

  Chests of drawers have long been a prominent piece of furniture found in the bedroom, with the first incarnation being used in late Medieval Europe. ‘Coffers’ were used to store clothes and were originally designed with a hinged lid. Later designs showed that the Coffers had evolved and now included a drawer underneath which… Read the full article

  The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, as this is where we sleep, relax and refresh ready for the next day. The furnishings of a bedroom have not changed much throughout the years, always containing a bed and most often a wardrobe and a dressing table – although needless… Read the full article